Record labels want Facebook to pay for copyright protected music videos

Posted 28 December 2016 15:51 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Large record labels demand that Facebook removes videos that contain copyright protected music. If Facebook doesn’t want to remove those videos, the record labels offer a model where the social network pays for a license.

The Financial Time reports that Facebook works on a special system that recognizes music inside videos. The record labels demand that Facebook especially pays for covers, where an artist plays an existing song from another artist.

By identifying songs, Facebook can remove videos with music for which it has no license. But it’s also possible that the social network will automatically take a license for music in a video, so that the video can stay on the site. Google has a similar identification system for Youtube.

The record labels are afraid that users will turn to large websites to listen to music for free meaning artists aren’t compensated for their work. Currently the labels already send requests to Facebook to remove individual songs but said about that, “these whack-a-mole efforts have been proven insufficient and ineffective”. Also Facebook’s privacy settings mean that the record labels can’t see all videos shared on the social network.

It’s unclear how fast a deal will be in place where Facebook will pay a license and/or music will be removed. Talks with the record labels are said to be in early stage and a deal is expected no earlier than in spring 2017.

MyCE Resident
Posted on: 01 Jan 17 03:49
The record labels demand that Facebook especially pays for covers, where an artist plays an existing song from another artist.
Just when you thought the first amendment of the United States constitution wasn't dead enough, now you can't publish covers without either paying big bucks for the "privilege" of going through corporate bureaucracies, or getting censored, sued, or both.
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