Report: Ad blockers most popular amongst laptop users

Posted 05 June 2017 19:18 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Adblockers are most popular with laptop users, according to research performed by GlobalWebIndex and commissioned by Adblock Plus. GlobalWebIndex surveyed 1,011 users in the United States.

On the question on which device they used an ad-blocker, 40% responded with a laptop, followed by the desktop (33%), smartphone (15%) and tablet (8%). When looking specifically to the group of users who used adblock software, again the laptop (68%) is the device on which the adblocker is most frequently used. The laptop is followed by the desktop (51%), smartphone (22%) and tablet (14%).

About 80% of the surveyed users owns a smartphone but half of them is not aware that there are adblockers for mobile devices.

Of the mobile users that did use an adblocker, or know that ad blocking on mobile phones is possible, 6 out 10 considers it as a good measure to protect their privacy. About 7 out of 10 uses an adblocker to get rid of intrusive advertisements while reducing bandwidth usage is the reason why 5 out of 10 block ads. settings

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