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Report: Android beats iOS as preferred mobile operating system

Posted at 21 September 2011 01:19 CEST by Justin_Massoud

Apple may enjoy immense popularity thanks to its sleek gadgets, but when it comes to what consumers want out of their smart phones Android is the clear choice. According to a report from market research firm The NPD Group, Android garnered top scores in a consumer preference study which polled both current smart phone owners and prospective buyers. 63 percent named Android their favorite OS, while 36 percent said they were “most interested” in it over all others.

Android’s success on store shelves is comparable. Since the end of 2010, around 50 percent of smartphone buyers have chosen an Android-powered device over competing offerings, said NPD.

“The Android juggernaut continues, and that’s not great news for some of their OS competitors,” said Linda Barrabee, research director for NPD’s Connected Intelligence division. “For example, one-third of BlackBerry smartphone owners are most interested in Android for their next smartphone purchase.”

Barrabee quickly tempered the statistics with some skepticism about Android’s continued dominance, naming Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and Apple’s iPhone as staunch rivals. Neither is going away she said, but the former has its own set of obstacles – including a lack of advertising (46 percent of smartphone shoppers said they lacked substantial information on it) and customers resistant to change. To wit, 21 percent of those polled cited WP7’s ecosystem lock-in as a barrier thanks to previously-forged allegiances with iOS or Android platforms.

Microsoft’s mobile OS still shows some promise, with 44 percent of current smartphone owners telling the NPD that they may jump ship to a Windows 7-powered device soon.

“Windows Phone 7 has a way to go before consumers really understand what it is,” said Barrabee. “But with the right marketing mojo, apps portfolio, and feature-rich hardware, Microsoft could certainly improve its standing and chip away at Android’s dominant market position.”

What’s your OS preference? Let us know in the comment section.

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There are 2 comments

MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 21 Sep 11 02:48
    I have a strong preference for Android on a mobile phone. I like iOS when it comes to a tablet where I have more screen space but for some reason it rubs me the wrong way on the smaller screen of a smart phone.

    I wish I could put my finger on why I have that preference but after using both day-to-day I'm sticking with Android.
    Blown to smitherines
    Posted on: 23 Sep 11 05:06
      I find that the android phone market is quite fragmented, and if you are unlucky enough to own a branded phone and not technologically inclined, you are likely running an android version that could be upto 2 yrs old.

      The responsiveness and features are so much improved over the last 6months of unofficial firmwares, it's sickening to realise my official branded firmware is now 1.5 years behind the current android OS version.

      iOS has a single point of upgrade for all iphones, ipads, ipods, which is the real advantage of apple products. Otherwise *shrugs*.

      Spiel let check/aug gratings still sucks, just as bad as the iphones spell check & aug gratings.

      Btw, that's supposed to be spell check & suggestions, not spiel let check & aug gratings.

      That said, my fav part is dragging and dropping stuff onto my phone/tab, without screwing around with gateway software like itunes, although you can, if you really want the inconvenience of importing music/movies into your collection, waiting for hours while it re-encodes your slightly not the right spec files, ands parses each song for normalisation, song name artist & etc.

      Android provides users the length of rope to do what they want, it's up to the user if they want to hang themselves.
      iOS just treats everyone like a moron, and locks you out.

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