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Rumor: SanDisk and Kingston Technology to drop memory card prices

Posted at 08 February 2012 13:00 CEST by Justin_Massoud

Competition between flash memory market leader SanDisk and rival Kingston Technology may heat up this year. The two companies are reportedly waging a little price warfare, with both planning price drops for USB drives, memory cards and more.

The suggestion comes straight from Taiwanese rumor mill DigiTimes, which sourced the usual anonymous insiders.

According to the site, word slipped last week that Kingston would soon implement a 15 percent price cut to NAND flash products in order to “coordinate chip suppliers’ shift to more advanced process technologies for production growth.” Flash memory devices are slowly moving to new 2Xnm and 19nm versions which outshine current chips’ processing abilities, the sources explained.

Not to be outdone, SanDisk may follow suit with a similar across-the-board price drop to its own memory storage devices. The Milpitas, CA company rules the memory card market with its popular USB flash drives and secure digital (SD) cards. The decision is both an attempt to stay competitive with a rival and an attempt to make room for new stock by pushing out the old.

On the other side of the storage coin, HDD prices ballooned last fall after flooding in Thailand disrupted supply lines and shut down factories. Japan’s NAND industry overcame its own catastrophe in March when an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck several cities. Flash memory makers recovered quickly thanks to a more flexible and less centralized supply line. (via DigiTimes)

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Senior Moderator
Posted on: 08 Feb 12 20:24
    Hm. Problem is, quality will drop also
    I don't like cheap flash memory which is maxing out at USB Full Speed.

    Senior Moderator, Software Editor and Head of Promotions
    Posted on: 08 Feb 12 21:30
      I just bought a Sandisc 32gb Cruiser for 22.99, how much cheaper can they get? ( Amazon)
      MyCE Senior Member
      Posted on: 09 Feb 12 00:38
        Originally Posted by alan1476
        I just bought a Sandisc 32gb Cruiser for 22.99, how much cheaper can they get? ( Amazon)
        If the rumors turn out to be true, 15 percent cheaper.
        MyCE Resident
        Posted on: 29 Feb 12 01:39
          Yes, I see it happening... I saw a 32gb (class 4.. though) micro sdhc card for $14 after a $20 rebate at newegg! Unheard-of price for that capacity!

          Still, there are more brands entering the market.. can't say whether there are acutal makers entering the market but MORE volume of chips will hit the market under various "BRANDS" printed on the labels. Panasonic is the latest that comes to mind! So generic brnads like WIntec and Patriot brnads will have to cut their prices to remain relevant. That is good for the consumer.. as this could (in theory) also push down tablet prices across the board about if this translates into internal flash chips seeing competition as well!

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