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Search warrant for Kim Dotcom invalid, but he’s still in trouble

Posted 29 June 2012 14:33 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff

You’ve probably read about Megaupload before, the company led by the, not so good looking but totally loaded, German guy Kim Dotcom (picture included, did we scare you?) that lived in New Zealand and got his house raided because the entertainment industry wasn’t really happy with his ventures.  Now the press in New Zealand reports that a judge has ruled that the search warrant to search his places were invalid and illegal.

The search warrants were invalid because they were too general and the offence and items to search for weren’t properly specified. As the police didn’t have a valid warrant, they were actually trespassing and exceeded what they were lawfully authorized to do.

It’s an important step towards avoiding a 20 year sentence for Dotcom for copyright infringement and wire fraud. Before, he could already celebrate that he got his assets back, his bail was granted and he was allowed to access to the internet again. Currently Dotcom is on bail awaiting an extradition hearing.


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