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Tech predictions for 2010, Happy New Year!

Posted at 01 January 2010 02:12 CEST by Marteen Madison

Happy New Year from everyone at MyCE! A brand new year will bring in brand new technology and consumer electronics products. So what will the technology gods bring us in 2010? Here are a few predictions from us.


3D TV will pop out at us. With the success of the blockbuster 3D film Avatar, finalized 3D Blu-ray specifications and a plethora of manufacturers working on 3D products, 2010 is sure to be a hot year for triple dimension technology. We’ll see new 3D TV’s from many different manufacturers, 3D Blu-ray players and many other 3D devices introduced.

The iTablet will debut. The highly anticipated Apple tablet computer is expected to launch in 2010. Apple has been extremely tight-lipped on the product, so no details are known on how the device will operate or what the specifications will be. We do predict, however, that the product will disrupt the status quo as well as increasing competition in the e-reader and notebook/netbook markets.

The Android army will surge. The popularity of the Google Android mobile OS is set to explode even further in 2010, as dozens of new phones are being launched from a wide range of smartphone manufacturers, including HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Acer, Dell and others.

GPS applications will become more popular and more varied. With so many consumers upgrading to smartphones with builtin GPS, the number of applications utilizing global positioning and geo-tagging features will soar. Expect an even greater amount of GPS games and augmented reality apps to appear. Standalone GPS devices will also continue to dwindle in popularity.

USB 3.0 and wireless tech to boom. 2010 will usher in a slew of new products that support the faster-than-ever USB 3.0 standard, which is up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. But a world of wires isn’t the only thing in the cards. Expect more and more devices to go wireless this year, eliminating those annoying cords and cables that we all hate.

What are your technology predictions for 2010?

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New Member
Posted on: 06 Jan 10 10:13
    I don't give a cr*p about 3D TV and I don't want an iTablet or any more of that nonsense which I have to carry around with me. And cables are just fine for me, I don't need to go wireless
    Blown to smitherines
    Posted on: 08 Jan 10 06:48
      Debro's Tech predictions:

      3DTV will come out, and fall flat on it's belly, until they develop 3D that doesn't require those stupid glasses.

      SSD's will drop in price sufficiently for even laymen to lay there hands on an entry level 64GB version of an SSD. Mass consumer backlash over poor performance or reliability (of el-cheapo entry level) drives will prevent mass adoption for another year. Manufacturers will protest that inexperienced installers are plugging the SSDrives into espresso machines.

      Microsofts new motion sensing controller doohickey will be manufactured in china, perpetuating the US financial crisis, and the devices will have a 50% failure rate within the first 6 months of ownership. 90% of the failure rate will be morons not understanding how to plug them in, and/or calibrate them, or standing too close, or standing too far ...
      Nintendo will release an eerily similar product for the Wii in the fourth quarter, spawning court cases galore with lawyers grinning in glee all round.

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