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Toshiba intros Camileo mini camcorder

Posted at 14 March 2009 22:42 CEST by Randomus

Toshiba officially introduced the Camileo S10 pocketcam, which is aimed directly at a growing market of consumers looking to record high-quality video with a small, portable device.

The S10 is Toshiba’s flagship model that is tiny in size but has the ability to record high-definition videos in 1080p resolution, the company said.  It has a 2.5-inch screen flip screen, 5-megapixel sensor for taking regular pictures, 4x digital zoom, and has 128MB built-in memory, along with an SD card slot.

The device is able to record up to eight hours of 1080p HD video onto an SD card.  Furthermore, there is an HDMI connection so users have the ability to connect the S10 directly to their TV.

The S10 will be available in the United Kingdom in May, but Toshiba hasn’t announced when it will hit the U.S. markets.  It’s available now in Asia for around $181. has an excellent first-hand analysis of the Toshiba Camileo S10, which I strongly urge you to read.

Last year, the world saw the Flip Mino camcorder rock the market and take a commanding lead of the mini portable camcorder market, helping the company make a $100 million profit.  Although taking digital images is a favorite among tourists, the ability to record quality video is something consumers obviously enjoyed with the Flip Mino.

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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 17 Mar 09 05:22
    I've had mini-corders before, and battery life is one of my major complaints. I could've lived with the less-than-perfect color reproduction and sensitivity for the devices' projected use, but if this device is any similar to the battery-guzzling older devices I used to have then it's useless for long trips and getaways.

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