Users report problems with important Windows 8 update (fixed)

Posted 14 November 2012 19:39 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Numerous users around the web are reporting that the latest update to Microsoft’s recently released operating system, Windows 8 is failing. The update that can be identified as ‘KB2770917′ is a cumulative update for November of this year.  The update is provided as an important update and  fixes several issues including a bug that prevents some Windows Store Apps from being installed fully. It also improves performance when you wake the computer and when the computer is asleep.

A search on the update shows that users around the world seem to suffer from the issue. Some users report that Windows doesn’t start anymore and requires a System Restore. Others report that the installation of the update simply fails. For those who use the automatic update option of Windows 8, it’s also possible to download the update files manually from here.

Update: This seems to fix the issue.

MyCE Member
Posted on: 14 Nov 12 19:35
I haven't experienced this with three Windows 8 Pro computers (two laptops and one desktop). All three patched/updated without a hitch. Is it mostly a WindowsRT problem?
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New Member
Posted on: 14 Nov 12 20:45
Thanks for reporting this - now Day 2 of trying to fix this time-wasting problem - hope Microsoft are listening.

Re "it’s also possible to download the update files manually from here."
It's possible but it doesn't work - I've tried it:
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MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 15 Nov 12 01:01
I, too have a problem with Windows 8... my problem is that I'm running Windows 8.
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Posted on: 15 Nov 12 02:25
No issues for me so far since I installed the updates.
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New Member
Posted on: 16 Nov 12 01:02
It seems that 3rd part software is preventing the installation and the solution below worked for me this evening:

Quote: "Use msconfig to uncheck all non-Microsoft services and restart, then run downloaded KB2770917 file manually. The update was successful and I then restarted the PC with all services checked.".unquote
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