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‘Weak’ PC shipments expected to continue in 2012

Posted at 09 March 2012 00:54 CET by Justin_Massoud

The PC industry crossed the 2011 finishing line with a 1.4 percent year-over-year shipment drop while its new nemesis, Apple’s iPad, posted record sales numbers. Gartner analysts expect that trend to reverse this year, though not by much.

Gartner believes global PC shipments in 2012 will grow 4.4 percent over last year, topping 368 million units. The research group is pinning higher hopes on 2013, predicting over 400 million PCs will ship worldwide that year.

Emerging markets will comprise a big chunk of that figure, notes Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner.

“PC shipments will remain weak in 2012, as the PC market plays catch up in bringing a new level of innovation that consumers want to see in devices they purchase,” says Atwal. “The real question is whether Windows 8 and ultrabooks will create the compelling offering that gets the earlier adopter of devices excited about PCs again.”

Windows 8 is on pace to launch this October, while ultrabooks continue to struggle for market share thanks to $1,000 price tags. Gartner posits that ultrabooks will gain traction later this year. Manufacturer Acer has already confirmed a price drop for its Aspire S3 ultrabook by this summer.

Atwal believes that tablets rewrote the rules on how consumers decide between purchasing a traditional computer or a handheld tablet. When a tablet can do nearly everything a PC can, other options are weighed, he says.

“The use of applications such as e-mail, social networking and Internet access, that were traditionally the domain of the PC, are now being used across media tablets and smartphones, making these devices in some cases more valued and attractive propositions,” says Atwal. “Consumers will now look at a task that they have to perform, and they will determine which device will allow them to perform such a task in the most effective, fun and convenient way. The device has to meet the user needs not the other way round.”

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MyCE Rookie
Posted on: 09 Mar 12 04:09
    The last Desktop PC I bought was in 2009 and I'm not buying anything newer for awhile money is hard to come by these days.
    zap em
    MyCE Resident
    Posted on: 09 Mar 12 05:54
      I think that's true. TABLETS, iphones,and other
      mobile devices are the way of the future.
      MyCE Senior Member
      Posted on: 09 Mar 12 07:16
        I just bought a new desktop PC last week. As my last one lasted me 9 years I think that this one will last as long..
        MyCE Resident
        Posted on: 10 Mar 12 16:03
          I bought a new one last year. The one it replaced lasted 4.5 years. I used to replace them every 3 years, so it was quite a long stretch for me. My new one is pretty good, it'll probably last quite the while too.

          PC's are pretty powerful now. Unless your gaming or video editing you don't generally need to upgrade too often.
          MyCE Member
          Posted on: 11 Mar 12 23:49
            Yeah. I did get a new one last year, reason why, was my P4 2.4Ghz was to old, and I feared it was going to die on me. But it was woring perfect, and ran WinXp great. I needed to play decent games, but most of all play .mkv BluRay and other things, my P4 wasn't up to the task.

            But I only upgraded to C2D 3.0Ghz, becaus it was way cheaper, becaus I got a lot of stuff second hand. And I had SATA harddives and some other stuff I got earlier so no need to waste money. I think this PC is going to last more than 5 years this time too.
            zap em
            MyCE Resident
            Posted on: 12 Mar 12 01:59
              You know don't get me wrong. I think
              P.C.'S are still good. Also the new processors
              are fantastic,but I still think mobile devices,such as IPADS,
              TABLETS etc..are the way of the future.

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