Toshiba announces TR200 SATA SSD series with 64-layer 3D flash memory

Toshiba today announced its TR200 SATA solid state drive (SSD) series for the retail market. The drives use Toshiba's latest 3-bit-per-cell TLC (triple-level cell) BiCS 64-layer NAND flash memory and are targeted at gamers and DIY enthusiasts.

Adobe will finally stop with unsecure and power draining Flash browser plugin – by 2020

Adobe will end the development and distribution of its Flash browser plugin by 2020. The plugin has been under fire for years due to security issues and because it's not available for smartphones.

Amazon investigated by FTC for misleading discounts

The American Federal Trace Commission (FTC) is investigating whether Amazon has been misleading customers with discounts. The company is accused of showing higher discounts on its website than actually given, Reuters reports.

Corsair Strafe keyboard, a quick look

Today I am taking a quick look on the Corsair Strafe keyboard, it comes with Cherry MX RED switched, and also it had RED LED's. So lets take a closer look.

Test: 22,000 users agree to clean toilets in exchange for free Wifi

More than 22,000 people have agreed on thousands hours of cleaning toilets on festivals and events, hugging stray cats and dogs, removing chewing gum from the streets and many other tasks in exchange for free Wifi.

Whatsapp lifts file sharing limit on Android version

Android users can now send all kinds of files to others with Whatsapp. The popular messaging app has released an update that make this possible. The iOS version of the app doesn't have the feature yet.

Microsoft’s Seeing AI app uses artificial intelligence to narrate the world for visually impaired

Microsoft has released Seeing AI, an app targeted at visually impaired that is able to provide information about the world around the user. It uses artificial intelligence to describe people, text and objects through the iPhone camera.

‘China to force providers to block VPNs by February’

The Chinese government is reportedly going to force ISPS to block virtual private networks (VPN) from February 2018. The VPNs are used by Chinese internet users to bypass blocks from the Chinese government. E.g. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are blocked in the country.

90-year-old woman accused of being Microsoft scammer

A 90 year-old woman from the Dutch city of Helmond has been accused of being behind the infamous Microsoft scam. The scammers call people on a massive scale and pretend to be Microsoft support employees. They claim there is a computer problem that they can solve.

Users complain en masse about OneDrive suddenly requiring NTFS formatted drives

OneDrive users complain on the internet that they are no longer able to use their OneDrive shares. Microsoft has made a change that requires OneDrive locations to be using the NTFS filesystem.

India asks Microsoft for discount on Windows 10 license after WannaCry outbreak

After the WannaCry ransomware attack, the authorities of India have asked Microsoft to provide a discount for Windows 10 so the more than 50 million Windows users in the country can get a cheap upgrade to the latest Windows version.

Researchers demonstrate self-healing, anti-ransomware Windows driver

Researchers of the University of Milan, Italy, have demonstrated a Windows driver that should detect ransomware attacks and recover encrypted files. The demonstration took place during the Black Hat security conference currently held in Las Vegas.

Facebook acquires startup to track down video pirates

Facebook has acquired the American startup Source3. With the software of the company it should be easier to track down video pirates on the social network. The acquisition has been announced on the site of Source3.

Patreon charges patrons 35 cents fee for new $1 pledges

Patreon, a site that lets fans fund creators such as YouTube publishers has silently introduced payment processing fees that affect all new pledges. For example, a patron that pledges $1 will have to pay $1.35.

HBO monitors illegal downloads of Game of Thrones and sends warnings to pirates

HBO works together with anti-piracy partner IP Echelon on lowering the number of illegal downloads. The companies are monitoring several Torrent swarms and sent warnings to illegal downloaders.

Windows 10 will not upgrade on older Intel CPUs anymore

Microsoft has started to prevent installing Windows 10 on some computers due to the hardware they contain. Several users and researchers complain they received notifications that their system is no longer supported.

Viking Technology unveils 25TB and 50TB 3.5″ MLC NAND SSDs

Viking Technology has unveiled SSDs with capacities of 25TB and 50TB targeted at data centers. The 3.5" form factor SSDs connect to the computer using the 6Gb/s SAS interface and contain MLC NAND.

Toshiba N300 6TB High Reliability HDD Review

Welcome to Myce’s review of the Toshiba N300 6TB SATA High Reliability HDD.

Adobe fixes critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player

During July's scheduled patch cycle, Adobe has closed 3 vulnerabilities in Flash Player. One of the vulnerabilities allowed an attacker to take full control over the computer. The other two vulnerabilities were information disclosure issues.

Windows 10 PCs can now be unlocked with Samsung smartphone fingerprint sensor

Windows 10 computers can from now on be unlocked with the fingerprint sensor of Samsung smartphones. The Korean electronics giant today released an update of its Samsung Flow app that makes it possible.

Samsung invests massive $18 billion in new memory chip fabs

Samsung plans to invest at least $18 billion in two new chip factories in South Korea. The electronics giant today also announced that the first chips came out of its factory in the city of Pyeongtaek which already costed the company $13.6 billion.

Amazon and Ebay customers targeted in new Microsoft scam

Customers of Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay are the target of an infamous Microsoft scam that this time starts with a cancellation email. The email states that the order has been cancelled and the order number links to a website with all kinds of pornographic images.

Kaspersky Lab introduces Free version of its software for everyone

Russian antivirus vendor Kaspersky has announced a free version of its antivirus software. Kaspersky Free, as the software is called, is available for users in the United States right now, European users have to wait till October.

Microsoft publishes lists of features that will be removed or deprecated with Fall Creators Update

Microsoft has published a list that describes what the future holds for several features that are currently integrated in Windows 10. Some of them will be removed with the Fall Creators Update, while others will be either deprecated (and removed in future releases), or no longer be in active development.

Adobe: Two-thirds of Americans install updates immediately when available

Two-thirds of Americans with a computer install updates immediately when they are available, according to a report from Adobe for which the company surveyed 2,000 adults. About one-third decides whether to install the update depending on what's the update is for.

Microsoft extends support for Intel Clover Trail CPUs till 2023

Microsoft has extended the support for Windows 10 computers that are powered by an Intel Clover Trail CPU. Earlier we reported that Clover Trail based systems could no longer be upgraded to the Windows 10 Creators Update.

New type of ransomware shares browsing history with contacts

Antivirus company McAfee has discovered a new type of mobile ransomware that doesn't encrypt data, but collects photos and the browsing history and then threatens to share that with the victim's contacts. Victims have to pay a ransom of $50 if they want to prevent that.

Backblaze: decline of average price per GB for HDDs pretty much ended

The stabilizing average price per Gigabyte of hard disk drives will be a challenge for cloud storage providers, because users will generate more data in the future. according to cloud storage provider Backblaze based on research on the 75,000 HDDs it purchased the last couple of years.

Toshiba announces 3D flash memory with TSV technology

Toshiba today announced development of  BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory utilizing Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology with 3-bit-per-cell (triple-level cell, TLC) technology that should increase bandwidth at lower power consumption.

Research: illegal streaming ripping is the new downloading

More and more digital pirates use sites and tools to download music and video from streaming services like Spotify and Youtube. The number of users that rips streams is larger than the number of users that use illegal download sites, according to a research report from the Intellectual Property Office en de PSR For Music

Skype for iOS and Android’s new ‘fresh and colorful design’ frustrates users

The new design of the mobile version of Skype, which Microsoft introduced last month for iOS and Android, is heavily criticized by users. The idea was to make Skype fresher, younger and trendier but many users are far from happy with the change and post their complaints online.

‘Microsoft to lay off thousands of its employees’

Microsoft reportedly plans to reorganise its sales activities and would therefore lay off thousands of its employees, according to Bloomberg. The company allegedly wants to focus more on selling cloud software instead of software for desktops and servers.

Microsoft tests ‘Controlled Folders’ in Windows 10 to protect against ransomware

Microsoft has added a new security measure against ransomware in a test build of Windows 10. The software giant calls the measure 'Controlled Folders' which works by monitoring user specified folders and blocking suspicious behavior.

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