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Powerful, reliable and always on the go – Innergie’s versatile lifestyle energy solutions at IFA 2012

Posted at 21 August 2012 13:27 CET by Jan Willem Aldershoff
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Over the past couple of decades, smartphones and other mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. The ability to connect to the world at a touch of a finger, to collaborate and discover becomes easier with introduction of faster and more powerful smartphones and tablets. However, this also presents two key problems, which is the need to quickly recharge our devices more frequently, as well as an increasing number of adapters and cables that we carry around. At IFA 2012, Innergie seeks to address these issues and will is showcasing a complete range of power solutions, designed to provide consumers with true mobility and convenience anytime, anywhere.
Perhaps one of the most feared experiences in today’s modern digital lifestyle is having them run out of power. Disconnected with the world, your friends and your family, it is more apparent especially while abroad. Luckily, the PocketCell™ is capable of extending up to 70-hours of music playback and 25-hours of talk-time*. Equipped with the Smart Charge feature, the PocketCell™ automatically detects the power requirements of the device, and delivers the right amount of power for rapid charging. Incredibly slim and weighing just 72 grams, it is barely noticeable in the pocket or in a bag. Bundled together with the versatile Magic Cable Trio, the PocketCell™ is the best choice for charging a variety of mobile devices on-the-go.
The advantages of owning multiple mobile devices are many, but one of the disadvantages is carrying the right cable to charge and sync your many devices. The Magic Cable Trio seeks to address this problem by first asking “why carry multiple cables, when you can carry just one”. It features an Apple-certified (Made for iPhone) tip, a mini-USB and micro-USB tip integrated into one single cable. Capable of charging and syncing up to 10,000 USB-chargeable devices, it effectively reduces the need to carry multiple cables. It is also compatible with Android and Blackberry smartphones, making it a must-have while out-and-about.
A result of extensive consumer-experience studies, specification and design, the mCube Mini 90 is the world’s smallest 90W universal adapter, capable of powering-up a variety of laptops in the car or on the plane. Only 100g, it is designed to deliver immense power without the immense bulk. It is equipped with nine tips for near-limitless compatibility with laptops from today’s most popular manufacturers.
Consumers who find themselves constantly on-the-road would appreciate the mMini DC 10. Designed with dual USB power ports, it allows consumers to charge multiple mobile devices rapidly and simultaneously. It’s minimalistic and slim design minimizes any obstruction to other instruments on the dashboard.
The mCube Slim 95 Universal Power Adapter is a highly versatile power solution for laptops and mobile devices, at home or in the office. Weighing just 179 grams and capable of delivering up to 90W power, its ultra-slim profile enables users to power their laptops quickly without the bulk and weight of a conventional power adapter. Included inside are nine laptop tips, allowing consumers to charge laptops from today’s most popular manufacturers. An integrated USB port allows consumers to charge another USB-chargeable device quickly at the same time. For added versatility, the mCube Universal Adapter series is compatible with Canon or Sony camcorders, thanks to the Innergie Magic Tip**.
The mMini AC 15 is designed to address two key issues: charging duration and the overcrowding of wall sockets. Featuring dual 15W USB power ports, it allows consumers to charge two mobile devices simultaneously, while its sleek design minimizes or eliminates any blockage to other wall sockets.
Power is nothing without protection, and Innergie has introduced a suite of protection features to protect the consumers’ mobile devices. Each Innergie product features the Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Current Protection, Over-Power Protection, Over-Temperature Protection and Short-Circuit Protection. These features combine to protect consumes’ devices from any potential damage and more importantly extend the longevity of the devices’ battery.
The PocketCell™ and Magic Cable Trio will be presented during IFA at the Innergie booth (109) in hall 12. Besides that, Innergie will show its complete range of lifestyle energy solutions at IFA 2012 from August 31st until September 5th in hall 12, at booth 109.
*Duration may vary based on the individual consumers’ usage. Figures are based on a fully-charged PocketCell™.
**Innergie Magic Tip sold separately
About Innergie
Innergie is a multi-award-winning company that focuses on empowering our consumers with the ability to go further, to do more and keep in touch. Founded in 2008, Innergie is a consumer brand of the Delta Group, the world’s leading OEM power management manufacturer. By leveraging on over 40 years of technical expertise and experience, Innergie develops some of the world’s smallest and most efficient portable universal power adapters and power solutions, each one of them compatible with up to 10,000 popular consumer electronic devices in the market today. For more information regarding our products and product compatibility, please visit us at

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