European Court Rules Against Piracy Enabled Media Players

In an unsurprising ruling, the European Court of Justice ruled that media players that come pre-configured to stream pirated content are not legal in the European Union.  This case was started by the anti-piracy organization BREIN, which brought suit against, a company in the Netherlands selling media players using Kodi and plug-ins which allowed quick and easy access to illegal streaming sites on the net.

Mozilla ends support for Firefox on Windows Vista and XP

Mozilla has released Firefox 53 which marks the end of support for Windows XP and Vista and 32-bit versions of MacOS and Linux on systems with CPUs older than a Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron CPU. Firefox users on Windows XP and Vista will be automatically updated to Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR).

Hack makes it possible to run Windows 7 on Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen CPUs

A developer has found a way to make the latest generation AMD and Intel CPUs run under Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft previously announced that the latest generation AMD and Intel CPUs such as Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen processors would only be officially supported in Windows 10.

Princeton University Researchers Produce Powerful Ad-Blocker

A new type of ad-blocker has surfaced, designed by a team of researchers from Princeton and Stanford universities.  This is a unique solution that is very effective and passed tests on fifty sites that attempt to stop ad blockers, and managed to defeat Facebook ads that were previously immune to ad blocking techniques.

Microsoft patches actively targeted zero-day Word vulnerability

A new previously undetected zero-day vulnerability in Word is actively being targeted by e-mail scanners, mainly affecting organisations in Australia. This exploit gives the infection a significant benefit over macro based infections.

Windows 10 Creators Update first released to newer computers

Microsoft will start to roll-out the Windows 10 Creators Update to newer computers first. The roll-out officially starts on the 11th of April but users who can't wait can use the Windows Upgrade Assistant from the 5th of April to update to the Creators Update early.

Toshiba’s shareholders agree to split of NAND division

Toshiba's shareholders have agreed to split-off the company's NAND manufacturing division. The Japanese multinational wants to sell the division to cover for its nuclear division which filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday.

Free tool allows upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update before official release

Microsoft has made a tool available that allows users to update their computer to the Creators Update, the latest Windows 10 version that is expected to be officially released on the 11th of April.

Irish Three customer gets €3880.72 bill for tethering its unlimited plan

A Three Ireland customer who tried to tether its unlimited data plan with a laptop got hit with a hefty €3880.72 bill. Three would only reduce it by 50% as a good-will gesture.

FedEx Office gives users $5 discount to enable Adobe Flash plugin in browser

The American FedEx Office stores give customers who don't have the Adobe Flash plugin installed, or who have it disabled, a $5 discount on print orders. When purchasing prints from the store the Flash Player is required to complete the order.

Malware abuses antivirus software to attack computers

Security researchers have found a new type of malware that abuses antivirus software to attack an computer. The new malware was discovered by security researchers from Cybellum who call their method DoubleAgent. DoubleAgent is able to modify antivirus software in such a way that they can take full control over it.

Samsung confirms issues with red tinted display on Galaxy S8 – works on update

Owners of Samsung's new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 complain about a red-tinted display. The Korean electronics giant first asked users to correcting colour display settings but has now decided to release a software update to fix the issue.

Microsoft warns for new type of Java malware

Microsoft warns for a new type of Java malware that uses new methods to circumvent antivirus software. The malware is distributed through emails with an .rar or zip file attached. Inside these files the actual malcious Java file resides. Most emails are written in Portuguese or English, and appear to contain notifications for billing, payment, pension, or other financial alerts.

Google warns Chrome users more than 250 million times per month for malicious websites

Google warns its Chrome users more than 250 million times per month for websites that contain malware, deceptive phishing sites or other dangerous pages, according to the company on its blog. The browser uses to Google Safe Browsing to protect users.

Microsoft’s April security roll-up blocks Windows update in 7 & 8.1 for new CPUs

Once the April security update or rull-up is installed, Windows will refuse to check for updates or install standalone updates. Instead it will periodically display a message saying that the processor is not supported.

Hackers Release ‘NSA Malware’

Shadow Brokers release alleged 'NSA Malware'

Broadcom offers $18 billion for Toshiba’s NAND memory manufacturing division

The American private equity firm Silver Lake Partners and chip manufacturer Broadcom have made a bid of about $17,8 billion on Toshiba's NAND memory manufacturing division.

Microsoft officially announces Windows 10 Creators Update and Mixed Reality headsets

Microsoft today officially announced that the Creators Update for Windows 10 will be gradually rolled out to users from the 11th of April. Yesterday a tool appeared online that allowed users to update before the official released but the company pulled it today.

Intel launches 3D XPoint powered Optane Memory caching drives for consumers

After the launch of Optane SSDs for data centers, Intel has now launched its first Optane Memory for consumers. The drives are meant for caching and come in capacities of 16GB and 32GB which cost $44 and $77 respectively.

Microsoft sued for data loss and damage to PC due to Windows 10 upgrade

A class of American Windows 7 users have sued Microsoft because the free upgrade to Windows 10 resulted in data loss and damage to the computer. The users claim the damaged forced them to buy a new computer or pay for repairs.

Massive uproar on alleged Windows 10 built-in ‘keylogger’ feature

There is currently massive uproar on Reddit about a privacy setting of Windows 10. The privacy setting "Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future" is reportedly enabled by default and users now fear Windows 10 is one big keylogger.

Google reports decrease in malware on its Android Play Store

The amount of malware that was found in apps listed on the Google Play Store has been decreased compared to 2015. Google reports the numbers on its blog where it also sums up the new security measures the company has taken in 2016 to protect its mobile operating system Android.

Microsoft to add new features to Windows 10 each March and September

Microsoft will release feature updates for Windows 10 twice a year, in March and September. The company hopes that a predictable roadmap makes it easier for enterprises to switch to its latest operating system.

DVDFab announces new device: DVDFab Movie Server

DVFab today announced a new product called DVDFab Movie server. The device can be connected to the same home network (wireless or through a cable) as a computer running DVDFab 10 and then serve as a companion to manage and playback video content.

Seagate Barracuda 2TB hard drive review

Today I will be taking a quick look on the Seagate 2TB barracuda hard drive. So lets find out how it performs.

Toshiba announces 8TB enterprise capacity SATA3 HDDs

Its new 3.5" SATA3 MG05 series is targeted at cloud services such as IoT, claiming increased throughput and rated life span over its previous MG04 series.

Portugal Passes Legislation to Restrict DRM

Since 2004, Portuguese citizens have not been allowed to circumvent DRM placed on creative works.  This is about to change, as legislation has been approved which restricts the use of DRM on any creative works in the public domain or produced by public entities.  This new bill will allow decryption and copying of other works as well.

Samsung Galaxy S8 now available in ‘Microsoft Edition’ as well

Microsoft today announced it will sell customized versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+. The software giant will sell the phones only in its brick and mortar stores in the United States. The phones come with customizations from Microsoft that are applied when the device is unboxed and connected to Wifi inside the store.

Microsoft Security Essentials outperforms many paid antivirus scanners in latest AV-Test tests

Microsoft Security Essentials impressed in the latest test of the well known German AV-Test. Microsoft's free antivirus software performed better than many paid antivirus scanners and internet security suites.

Micron 5100 ECO 1920GB SATA Enterprise SSD Review

Welcome to Myce’s review of the Micron 5100 ECO SATA 1920GB Enterprise SSD. This is the second of two reviews featuring Micron’s 5100 range and the first was for the Micron 5100 MAX 960GB model, which you can see by clicking here. We found the Micron 5100 MAX to be an outstanding drive, please read on to see what we make of its ECO sibling.

Zero-day leak in Windows actively attacked through malicious advertisements

Antivirus company Trend Micro reports that a zero-day leak in Windows, that was patched this month, has been actively attacked with malcious advertisements in July last year. The vulnerability, that was reported to Microsoft in September last year, allows an attacker to access information about files on the victim's computer.

Distribution of Windows 10 Creators Update could take months

It's expected that Microsoft will officially release the Windows 10 Creator Update on the 11th of April, but it's likely most users won't receive the update on that date. Microsoft will most likely gradually distribute it to users of its latest operating system.

Microsoft develops customized Windows 10 version for Chinese government

Microsoft has developed a customized version of Windows 10 for the Chinese government. It's not exactly known what changes the American software giant has made to the operating system, but in general the Chinese are worried about hidden backdoors that can be used by foreign secret services.

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