Journalists spot Windows XP on brand new $4.5 billion costing aircraft carrier

Several journalists have spotted Windows XP computers during a tour on the latest British aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The ship from the Royal Navy costs around $4.5 billion and the usage of the unsupported Windows XP raises concerns about the safety of the ship.

Windows Update cause issues with printing for Internet Explorer users

Several Windows Updates that Microsoft released this month can cause issues with printing in Internet Explorer. The updates patched critical vulnerabilities that, in the worst case, could allow an attacker to execute random code on the computer.

Microsoft: Creators Update can automatically disable incompatible antivirus software

On some Windows 10 PCs the antivirus software is temporarily disabled when the user installs the Creators Update, Microsoft writes in a blog. However, only antivirus applications that are incompatible with the large Windows 10 update are affected.

Korean webhosting company pays $1 million to recover files from ransomware attack

The Korean hosting company Nayana has decided to pay a ransom of $1 million after being infected by the Erebus ransomware, that targets Linux servers. The malware encrypted 153 servers and 3,400 business websites, according to Japanese antivirus vendor Trend Micro.

Microsoft reveals Modern Keyboard with ‘hidden’ fingerprint sensor

Microsoft has revealed a new keyboard called 'Modern Keyboard' that features a fingerprint scanner that can be used to login with Windows Hello. The keyboard can work over bluetooth or with a wire.

Google announces new free file and photo cloud backup tool

Google today announced that it will launch a tool called "Backup and Sync" by the end of this month. The application, targeted at regular consumers, can be used to backup files and photos to Google's servers. Users can set which folders need to be backuped to Google's servers.

Adobe fixes critical vulnerabilities in Flash and Shockwave Player

Adobe has patched several vulnerabilities in its Flash and Shockwave Player that in the the worst case allow an attacker to take full control over the computer. There are no indications the vulnerabilities have been actively attacked before the updates were released, according to Adobe.

Microsoft acquires Israeli security firm that uses AI to mitigate security threats

Microsoft has acquired Israeli security firm Hexadite, the software giant today announced. Hexadite develops software that uses artificial intelligence to automate responses to cyber attacks.

Netflix in 4K / Ultra HD now also possible on cheap Apollo Lake Celerons

The German website reports that it's possible to stream Netflix content in Ultra HD, on Windows 10, with cheaper 'Apollo Lake' CPUs. Previously the more expensive 7th 'Kaby Lake' CPUs were the only option to stream Ultra HD Netflix content on PCs.

Ballistix Elite 3466MHz DDR4 RAM review

The Ballistix Elite DDR4 RAM has been updated, on size and it also got a small boost on the speed, now the top DDR4 RAM that Ballistix has to offer can reach a maximum speed of 3466Mhz, so let find you how the preform.

Google Chrome will automatically block intrusive, annoyings ads by 2018

Google will start to block intrusive, annoying advertisements in its Chrome browser. The new feature should be rolled out next year, the company writes on its blog.

CIA fires contractors over stealing from vending machine

Several CIA contractors have been fired after illegally 'hacking' vending machines. In total they stole for more than $3000 worth of candy. One employee discovered that if a cable, that connected the vending machine with a cloud based payment system, was unplugged, the vending machine accepted unfunded cards.

Facebook tests feature that prevents copying of profile picture

Facebook is currently testing a feature in India that should make it harder to make copies of profile pictures of users of the social network. The 'profile picture guard' has to be manually enabled and should make sure that profile pictures can't be easily downloaded and shared on Facebook.

Android 8.0 codename (oc-dev) very likely to be oatmeal cookie

Several references in the Android source code give a strong indication that Android 8.0 will be very likely codenamed 'oatmeal cookie'. In the source code we found references to 'oc-dev' which is in line with former branch names used by Google.

U.S. company VinPower Digital claims to be resurrecting Optiarc CD/DVD burner brand

The company VinPower Digital has announced the Optiarc 5290S DVD burner with DVD+R DL overburn feature. The company, mainly into the professional duplicator business, claims to be resurrecting the Optiarc brand. Optiarc was a joint venture of Sony and NEC that manufactured optical disc drives until 2013.

Microsoft now finally offers its Office suite from the Windows Store

Microsoft will start to offer its Office suite in the Windows Store. It's likely the move comes due to the release of Windows 10 S, a stripped down version of the operating system that only allows installing software from the Windows Store.

Microsoft patches critical Windows vulnerability with emergency patch for Windows XP

Microsoft yesterday released a Windows update that patches a vulnerability that could be used for attacks similar to the WannaCry ransomware outbreak. Even the no longer supported Windows XP receives the update.

Third Ultra HD Blu-ray movie copy appears on torrent sites – this time ‘Inferno’

After copies of the Ultra HD Blu-ray version of the 'Smurfs 2' and 'Patriots Day' appeared online, now also a copy of the movie 'Inferno' has made its way on torrent sites. The Ultra HD Blu-ray copy is again released by a group that calls themselves 'Terminal'.

Linux malware installs crypto currency mining software on Raspberry Pi’s

Researchers from Russian antivirus vendor Dr. Web have found a new type of Linux malware that infects Raspberry Pi computers. The malware is called Linux.MulDrop.14. and it's actively distributed since May this year.

Again, a pirated Ultra HD Blu-ray movie copy appears on torrent sites

The Ultra HD Blu-ray version of the movie 'Patriots Days' has appeared on torrent sites. It's the second direct copy of an Ultra HD Blu-ray movie that has been released on the internet.

Report: Ad blockers most popular amongst laptop users

Adblockers are most popular with laptop users, according to research performed by GlobalWebIndex and commissioned by Adblock Plus. GlobalWebIndex surveyed 1,011 users in the United States.

Former Mozilla CTO: Google Chrome has won the browser war – hardly any future for Firefox

Although Mozilla recently started a campaign to convince users to switch from Chrome to Firefox, the company has lost the browser war, according to Andreas Gal, Mozilla's former Chief Technology Officer in a blog. If the current trend on the browser market continues there is hardly any future for Firefox, according to Gal.

Linksys warns for CIA tool that can hack routers

Linksys warns for a tool developed by the CIA, called Cherry Blossom, which can be used to install malcious firmware on routers. The existence of the tool was revealed by whistleblower website Wikileaks.

Encrypted email provider ProtonMail now offers free VPN service

The free encrypted email provider ProtonMail has launched a free VPN service that, according to the company, allows users to browse the web without being tracked, bypass online censorship blocks, and also increases security by passing all internet traffic through a strongly encrypted tunnel.

Firefox Focus for Android released: fast simple browser designed for privacy with built-in ad blocker

Mozilla has released Firefox Focus for Android, a fast, simple browser designed to protect privacy and with a built-in adblocker. Last year the Firefox Focus browser was already launched for Apple's iOS.

CERT/CC warns for security issue with Samsung Magician SSD software

The CERT Coordination Centre (CERT/CC) of the Carnegie Mellon University warns for a vulnerability in Samsung's Magician software that makes it possible, in certain cases, to utilize it to infect computers with malware. Samsung Magician is a tool to manage, test and update Samsung SSDs.

Corsair Vengeance 2666MHz RGB DDR4 RAM review

Corsair is not stranger when it comes to RAM, they have manage to release some RAM modules that were outstanding, and also pushed the speed of their RAM products to its max. However this days speed is only one part of the reason on why you buy your RAM, the aesthetics of the RAM is another reason, and so far Corsair has done a great job at this. Now they have pushed things even further simply by introducing the Vengeance RGB DDR4 RAM. So lets take a closer look on the Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RGB RAM and its performance.

Microsoft removes browser modifying malware from 2 million Windows computers

Microsoft has removed the Xiazai malware from more than 2 million computers since October 2015, the software giant today announced. The company also blocked 30,000 installations of the malware per month, on average. Xiazai is therefore an active threat that deserves additional attention, according to Microsoft.

Security researchers discover ransomware for Apple computers on Tor network

While we've mainly seen ransomware developed for Windows, Mac users aren't safe from such kind of malware as well. Security researchers of Fortinet have found ransomware for Apple's operating system called MacRansom.

‘Microsoft working on Windows 10 version specifically designed for high-end PCs’

Microsoft is reportedly working on a Windows 10 Pro version that is optimized for workstations. The OS should be able to run on PCs with 4 CPUs and features Microsoft's ReFS file system.

Kaspersky files antitrust complaint against Microsoft for Windows Defender

Antivirus vendor Kaspersky has filed an antitrust complaint with the European Commission against Microsoft. The Russian company argues that Microsoft abuses its dominant position on the market for operating systems, to favor its own Windows Defender.

Apple and Amazon are joining Foxconn’s bid on Toshiba’s NAND memory division

Apple and Amazon are both providing financial backing to Foxconn in a bid on Toshiba's NAND memory division, according to Foxconn's founder and chairman Terry Gou in an interview with the Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

Google improves Gmail anti-phishing and anti-spam technology

The majority of the emails sent to Gmail users is spam, according to Google. The search giant claims that about 50-70% of all emails is spam but that it is able to block 99.9% of all spam mails. This means the email service rejects hundreds of millions emails every day.

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