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HyperX Fury 4x4GB 2666MHz DDR4 Review (0)
Posted at 03 May 2015 16:05 CEST

Time to a take a closer look on the performance of the HyperX 2666MHz DDR4 RAM. Continue reading to find out more on how they perform.

Crucial Ballistix Elite 4x4GB DDR4 Review (0)
Posted at 09 April 2015 13:10 CEST

The Crucial Ballistix Elite is the top tier RAM that Crucial has to offer when it comes to DDR4, and in this review I will be taking a closer look on their performance. Continue reading to find out more.

Shuttle Barebone DS57U PC Review (0)
Posted at 07 April 2015 15:50 CEST

The DS57U, as supplied by Shuttle, consists of a metal case with a pre-installed mainboard, processor, cooling system, external power adapter, and W-LAN. This leaves a small number of components for the customer to add to meet their specific needs – memory (low voltage) 1.35V SO-DIMM (max 2 x 8GB DDR3L-1333/1600), a 2.5” storage device (HDD or SDD), one mini-PCIe card or mSATA module, a keyboard and mouse (or alternative) and an operating system. To see what we thought of it – please read on.

Samsung 850 EVO M.2. and mSATA SSD review (0)
Posted at 31 March 2015 16:00 CEST

Today I’m taking a look at a couple of variations to
the Samsung 850 EVO, which expands the 850 EVO SSD range into all ‘consumer
grade’ form factors, in the shape of the 850 EVO mSATA SSD, and the 850 EVO
M.2. SSD.

Let’s see how they perform.

Vidon Box and Android media player (3)
Posted at 28 March 2015 17:55 CEST

Time to take a quick look on the Vidon Box, a quad-core Android media player with XBMC, and many other features at a very attractive price. So lets find out more about the Vidon Box.

Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 RAM Review (0)
Posted at 18 March 2015 18:37 CEST

Time to take a closer look at the Crucial Ballistix Sport 2400MHz DDR4 RAM and see how they perform. Continue reading this review to find out all about the Ballistix Sport DDR4 RAM.

Toshiba AL13SXB600N 15,000rpm 600GB SAS HDD Review (3)
Posted at 02 March 2015 01:09 CEST

This is a bit of a departure for me, as I do not normally review HDDs, however this is a special example as it is Toshiba’s state of the art compact 15,000rpm Enterprise HDD and I was intrigued to find out how it would perform

Crucial BX100 1000GB SSD Review (0)
Posted at 26 February 2015 09:06 CEST

Making an SSD that has good performance and a very aggressive price is not an easy task. However Crucial has the BX100 that promises to give speed at an affordable price, the questions how much of this Crucial got it right?
Continue reading to find out more about it.

Crucial MX200 500GB SSD Review (0)
Posted at 24 February 2015 10:07 CEST

Time to take closer look on the Crucial MX200 SSD, and as you might expected this drive is the successor to the Crucial MX100, but the main question has to do with the performance of the MX200.
Dont worry all of this will be answer in this review, Continue reading to find out more about the Crucial MX200 SSD.

Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD Review (5)
Posted at 18 February 2015 22:38 CEST

A Pro class SSD needs to offer something which sets it apart from the standard consumer grade SSD. It needs to offer superior mixed read and write performance. Offer better endurance, and be able to sustain its performance whilst under a heavy workload.

The Samsung 850 PRO series of SSDs are classed as ‘professional class’ SSDs, but do they have what it takes to justify the additional cost over a standard consumer grade SSD?

Let’s find out in this review.

Toshiba THNSNJ960PCSZ 960GB Enterprise SSD Review (0)
Posted at 16 February 2015 16:42 CEST

In this review we test the Toshiba THNSNJ960PCSZ 960GB SATA Enterprise SSD, which is designed to meet the needs of the read intensive, mixed workload, low power market segment and therefore competes with the Samsung 845 EVO, the Intel DC S3500, and the Sandisk Cloudspeed 1000E . This review also includes a sneak preview of the power testing we will soon be adding to our enterprise reviews.

Crucial 4x4GB 2133MHz DDR4 RAM review (1)
Posted at 16 February 2015 12:38 CEST

I am taking a first quick look on the latest Crucial 2133MHz DDR4 by Crucial. Lets see what this kit has to offer and how it performs.

Lexar M10 Secure USB3 flash drive review (0)
Posted at 29 January 2015 13:16 CEST

Time to take a look on another Lexar flash drive, this time I will be taking a closer look on the M10, a drive that not only offers high read speeds, but also should be able to give you the option to encrypt you data.
Continue reading this review to find out more about the Lexar M10.

Lexar M20 review (2)
Posted at 27 January 2015 09:30 CEST

Today I am taking a closer look on the Lexar M20, a USB3 flash drive that can also be used with your smartphone ortablet. So lets find out more about the M20.

Samsung T1 500GB USB3 SSD Review (0)
Posted at 20 January 2015 16:51 CEST

In this day and age, everyone who uses a computer will require a way of getting data from A to B. For just a few megabytes, or gigabytes of data, a USB pen drive, or cloud storage will be sufficient. But
what if you require to move around large amounts of data? Enter the new Samsung T1 external USB3 SSD, and this article I will show you how it performs.

Myce SSD Awards 2014 (5)
Posted at 21 December 2014 14:00 CEST

2014 has been a busy year for the SSD editors.
Last year we gave a single award for what we considered was
the best consumer grade SSD then available. This year we have elected to make a
number of awards, covering both Consumer and Enterprise SSDs.  We have also
decided to give an award for what we consider to be the best innovation in SSD

So let’s find out which SSDs have won our awards this year.

Samsung 845DC EVO SATA 480GB Enterprise SSD Review (0)
Posted at 11 December 2014 13:02 CEST

Welcome to Myce’s review of the Samsung 845DC EVO 480GB SATA Enterprise SSD (hereafter referred to as the 845DC EVO).
These days there is an air of excitement at Myce when we receive a Samsung SSD for review. The last Samsung Enterprise SSD we reviewed was the 845DC PRO, which uses 3D VNAND to deliver class leading random write intensive performance.
With 845DC EVO Samsung now brings the use of 19nm 3bit TLC NAND (or 3bit Toggle MLC NAND, as Samsung prefers to call it) to the enterprise market. With the 845DC EVO Samsung targets the mixed/read intensive workload market segment, where low price, excellent read and reasonable write performance are demanded. The use of 3bit TLC NAND should give Samsung a significant price advantage but how will it perform? Please read this review to find out.

Intel DC P3700 800GB Enterprise SSD Review – An Awesome Machine Part 2 (4)
Posted at 09 December 2014 13:51 CEST

Welcome to Myce’s review of the Intel DC P3700 800GB NVMe Enterprise SSD.
This is the second NVMe drive we have reviewed and it follows on from our review of its awesome stable mate the Intel P3700 1.6TB.
Is the 800GB version just as awesome? Please read this review to find out.

Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD Review (5)
Posted at 08 December 2014 18:22 CEST

Allow me to introduce the first consumer grade SSD
to implement 3bits per cell (TLC) 3D V-NAND, the Samsung 850 EVO range of SSDs.
The 850 EVO range of SSDs covers 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities.
The 850 EVO SSD that Samsung very kindly provided for review is the 500GB version.

Let’s find out how it performs in this review.

Micron M600 512GB SSD Review (4)
Posted at 04 December 2014 20:08 CEST

Time to take an in depth look on the overall performance of 512GB Micron M600 SSD, continue to read to find out how the drive compares to it’s smaller brother that I previously tested.

Lexar Workflow DD512 USB3 SSD review (1)
Posted at 26 November 2014 14:28 CEST

Time to take an in depth look at the Lexar Workflow DD512. The Lexar Workflow DD512 is an external USB3 SSD that has some very nice features, but as always the question is the same. How does it perform? Well, you can continue reading to find out.

Micron M600 128GB SSD review (0)
Posted at 03 November 2014 10:21 CEST

Today I am taking a look on the Micron M600 SSD, this drive is mainly for OEM’s but I hope that some parts of it’s technology will find it’s way to the next generations of consumer drives from Crucial. So lets take a closer look on the M600 from Micron.

Silicon Power Blaze B06 32GB and the Marvel M70 64GB USB3 flash drives review (2)
Posted at 28 October 2014 18:05 CEST

Time to take a look on the latest USB3 flash drives from Silicon Power, and this time I will be looking at the Blaze B06 32GB a value flash drive, but also I will be looking that the Marvel M70 a drive that is aimed to those that look for more performance and also great value. So let see how those drives perform.

Crucial Ballistix 2x8GB DDR3 SODIMM – A quick look on the Ballistix RAM (0)
Posted at 23 October 2014 14:19 CEST

One of the most important update that you can to to your laptop is to upgrade to your HDD to an SSD and then add some extra RAM to give a fresh breath to your laptop. So lets take a quick look on the Crucial Ballistix 2x8GB DDR3.

Kingston HyperX Fury 240GB SSD review (0)
Posted at 19 October 2014 21:49 CEST

Time to take a closer look on the latest Kingston HyperX SSD. The Fury is a value oriented SSD, but the question is mainly focused on the performance of the drive, so continue reading to find out more. settings

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