123 Copy DVD- movie backups made easy

Posted 24 September 2004 18:11 CEST by Ssseth



The options button is universal to all three main areas in 123 DVD Copy and besides the color of the graphic on the left, looks and acts the same in each area.

1.      Select a language- self explanatory


2.      Target Size (MB) '“ The default size that will be burnt to the blank DVD is only 4380 MB, which is a tad small in our opinion. You should be able to fit 4460 MB on a blank DVD easily. When trying to set the size above 4380 however an error box prevents you from doing so. Unless there is some specific reason 123 DVD Copy is doing this, we would like to see this cap set higher as losing almost 100MB can make a small difference in the final quality of the DVD.

3.      Automatic drive select and DVD Burner '“ We noticed an issue with this option as well. Whether automatic drive selection was checked or not we could only get the master drive to be selected as the DVD burner to use for the actual burning. Although two DVD±RW drives are connected only one would show up as seen below.

Originally at the beginning of this review our 812S was used as the secondary slave drive. When we selected the drop down menu, only the 811S was available for burning. We tried changing drive letters to assign the 812S from E: to D: and it made no difference. We shut down the computer and changed the 812S from slave to master. After booting up, the 811S still was the only option for DVD burner. We decided to try uninstalling the program and reinstalling it again. After a reinstall, the 812S now showed up as the DVD burner. But now the 811S, which is set as slave, does not show up. We are not sure if this is some type of known bug or something specific to our system. Because of this, for the writing section of this review we will only be using the 812S.

Update: 123 DVD Copy provided us with a product update to address this and one other issue (see #5 below) but unfortunately it did not resolve this particular problem. So please note that you may or may not be able to use this application with more than one DVD burner depending on your system setup.

4.      Background mode '“ This will set the application to run in background mode. It is intended to keep the program from hogging every ounce of system resources, which is a nice option to have. If you are going to be using the computer while transcoding and burning, we recommend you turn this option on. Please note that although it is sometimes possible, multi-tasking while transcoding and burning it is not recommended unless your computer far exceeds the minimum recommended specifications. Otherwise, we recommend that you do not use the computer while burning to prevent buffer under-runs or any other glitches from occurring.


5.      Burn speed '“ 123 DVD Copy has only Fast, Medium and Slow burn speed options. Although this may be attractive to a non-technical person, we do not like this method. With 12x and 16x writers now on the market, this will leave many available write speeds to end users. The fast, medium and slow mentality will leave gaps in available write speeds, and in our opinion can cause more harm than good.

Update: We initially experienced a problem burning at high speeds. Although selecting the high burn speed option, all media we tested would burn at a low or medium speed (2x instead of 4x, 4x instead of 8x etc). A product update given to us midway through the review  did address this problem. Again we would like to see 123 DVD Copy allow a manual choice of burn speed to help avoid any issues like this in the future.


6.      Eject DVD after burning '“ It is nice to have this option as people have different preferences on whether or not they want the DVD ejected after burning. It worked fine throughout testing.


7.      Erase DVD-RW / Erase DVD-RW without prompting '“ Although only DVD-RW is mentioned, we were able to successfully erase both DVD+RW and DVD-RW discs with this option.


8.      Update check '“ This is a user preference as to whether or not you want 123 DVD Copy to check for updates. The options are 2 weeks, 4 weeks or off.

So now that we've covered the installation and interface of the programs it's time to see the test results!

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