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7DayShop 64GB USB3 Swivel flash drive review

Posted 17 September 2012 19:52 CET by Seán Byrne

Review: 7DayShop USB3 64GB swivel flash drive Manufactured: August 2012 Reviewed by: Seán Byrne

Over the past few months, 7DayShop has been selling an unusually cheap 64GB USB flash drive. What caught our attention is its USB3 capability, usually only available on premium branded flash drives. This drive claims read performance of up to 80MB/s and write performance of up to 35MB/s, both when operating on a USB3 SuperSpeed interface.

USB flash drives have come on a long way since the very first flash drives that held just 64MB of data. This model also makes even Blu-ray rewritable media look outdated, as not only does this carry more capacity than a 50GB BD-RE, it also fits on a keychain and doesn’t need any special reader, let alone a writer to use it. As with other USB3 flash drives, this is also backwards compatible with USB2 ports.

In this review, we will take a look at the performance and how it handles with various file systems such as exFAT and NTFS.

7DayShop Company Information

7DayShop a well-known supplier photographic equipment and memory products in the UK. While 7DayShop does not manufacture its own products, it does sell a variety of products with its own branding, including this flash drive we are reviewing.

The company was founded in 1998 and has become an established online seller of photography, digital and computer products.

Further information on the 7DayShop Company Profile can be found on their website.

Retail packaging

Unlike most retail products, this flash drive was supplied in little other than a padded envelope along with the invoice. The flash drive had no outer packaging, so no annoying hard plastic to tear apart.

Like most removable media products, this did not come with any operating instructions or any other information about the product other than its artwork, but then again like the vast majority of USB flash drives, it’s just matter of plugging it in and it’s ready to use.


Product photos

Now, let’s take a look at the product:


Reverse side

Opened up

USB3 connector

The flash drive itself is fairly light and compact, about the length of a door key. The twistable cap cover is also a nice feature that avoids the issue of losing the cap and includes a loop to attach to a ring of a keychain.

Operation mode indication

Like most flash drives, this one has an LED that serves to indicate power and activity. When powered up, it flashes white at the tail end to indicate activity and remains solidly lit when idle. The twistable cover needs to be positioned off to the side to avoid covering up the LED.

The following image shows it lit while plugged in my desktop PC:

Product Specifications

The following are the specifications, as provided on the 7DayShop website:

  • Nice rubber feel
  • Quality swivel action
  • Red LED on Light
  • Keyring attachable
  • Write Speed Up To: 35MB/s
  • Read Speed Up To: 80MB/s
  • Backwards compatible with USB 2.0
  • Please note: speeds on USB 2.0 will be slower compared to USB 3.0 standards

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