CyberLink PowerProducer 3 Deluxe Review

Posted 14 September 2005 22:04 CEST by Herbert Klausner


Edit disc

As its name implies, this is the function that allows us to edit discs created with the editable disc function in the produce movie disc section or with the right-to-disc function which we have seen before.

The first window, which opens when we click on the edit disc button, is identical to the first screen we have seen in the right-to-disc section. Therefore, we won't look any closer and jump directly to the content editing screen.

We see again a window which we have seen before and because of the fact that the adding and editing steps are almost the same as for the production of a normal video DVD, we will now only look at the limitations compared to the produce movie disc function.

The limitations are:

  • Import scene from DVD is not available
  • Slideshows and clips, which are added in previous steps, are not editable
  • No split and merge when editing clips available, only AB cut can be done
  • Menu editing: No motion background
  • Menu editing: No background music
  • Chapter settings: Only evenly available

Apart from these limitations, we can say that the function works well, without any problems and the disc actualisation is quick. We have 'only" noticed some strange sound effects between the menu-page jumps when we play back the disc on a standalone DVD-player.

Now let's look into PowerProducer's Disc Utilities section… settings

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Change the background to a plain color or trianglified image (similar to the default image)

No tracking features

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