LG GSA-4167B Super Multi DVD-Writer Review

Posted 27 November 2005 17:31 CEST by Jan70


  • Good writing quality on most media
  • Supports DVD±R writing with 16x P-CAV technique
  • Supports CD-R/RW writing at 48x/32x
  • Supports DVD+RW/DVD-RW writing at 8x/6x
  • Can write DVD+R/+R DL certified media at higher speed
  • Supports Bitsetting for DVD+R/+R DL (sets auto. BookType to DVD-ROM)
  • 'Two sheep" writer
  • Supports DAO-RAW writing
  • Supports DVD-RAM at 5x
  • Extracts CD-DA at high speed
  • Can rip copy protected Audio-CDs
  • Can overburn CD-Rs up to 96 min
  • Can read 99 min CD-Rs
  • Excellent documentation/Owner's Manual on CD
  • Very good Software package



  • Does not support Mt. Rainier
  • Reads CD-DA/RW only at 40x
  • Reads DVD-Video SL/DVD±R/±RW/±R DL only at 10x/10x/8x/8x
  • Does not support DVD-ROM Bitsetting on DVD+RW media
  • Green LED for both reading and writing



Let us summarize the most important positive and negative points below:

The main positive points: There is no doubt about it, the LG GSA-4167B with it's 16x P-CAV DVD writing strategy is a fast burner, what's more, it can burn fast with good quality as can be seen in our test results. It can also read and write to all common media formats, including DVD-RAM.

Bitsetting on DVD+R/+R DL is also a welcome inclusion and ensures good compatibility with set top DVD players. The LG GSA-4167B also displayed good CD-DA performance and also good CD-R over-burning capabilities.

The documentation was also of a very high standard and should provide enough information for the beginner as well as more experienced user. Also worth mentioning was the included software package which should cover every scenario you are likely to come across while using this drive.

The main negative points: There is hardly anything negative about this drive, but we would like to mention that other drives offer faster read speed on CD-DA/CD-RW/DVD-Video SL/DVD±R/±RW/±R DL media. Finally, as a last point - the drive did not offer DVD-ROM Bitsetting on DVD+RW media.

To sum it all up, this is what we would say: 'One of the worlds fastest DVD±R Writer that supports writing on all available DVD format, and there for the name 'Super Multi Drive". One drawback though, is the slow read-back speed of some media types, which the competition supports at a higher speed".

Based on our tests and experiences during this review '“ we give the LG GSA-4167B our 'Safe Buy award".

By using our price grabber feature cdfreaks.pricegrabber we found the drive listed at 44 $, and at getprice the drive is listed at 41.53 €. (November 2005).


You may comment on this review below or in this forum thread.


Thanks to:

Bell Technology spol s.r.o. '“ Czech Republic for providing the media used in this review.

SVP Communication '“ The United Kingdom for providing the media used in this review.


Conrexx Technology B.V./RITEK Europe '“ The Netherlands for providing the media used in this review.

Medea International '“ United Kingdom for providing the media used in this review.

Ricoh Europe '“ For providing the media used in this review.

E-Net Distribution '“ United Kingdom for providing the media used in this review.

MMORE International B.V. - The Netherlands for providing the media used in this review.



Verbatim - Germany and United Kingdom for providing the media used in this review.

CDFreaks Resident
Posted on: 26 Nov 05 21:02
Yeah, great drive LG rcoks
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CDFreaks Resident
Posted on: 27 Nov 05 20:48
Awesome quality. Sad LG still didn't do PI/PIF check.
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New on Forum
Posted on: 28 Nov 05 01:00
0 Agree

CD Freaks Member
Posted on: 29 Nov 05 11:06
If only it could pass the 2.90 safedisc protection test..., it would then be the perfect writer!
0 Agree

New on Forum
Posted on: 13 Dec 05 10:59
Very good Article! With Firmware DL12 it is also possible to set DVD+RW discs to DVD-ROM booktype.
0 Agree

New on Forum
Posted on: 13 Dec 05 16:26
Sorry, bitsetting for DVD+RW is NOT possible with firmare DL12. It was an error.
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MyCE Member
Posted on: 16 Dec 05 16:28
Pafan use Alcohol 120% to bypass Safedisc 2.90 Protection and yes indeed it is prefect burner that money can buy:d
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New on Forum
Posted on: 05 Jan 06 12:12
With firmware DL12 DVD-Video reading speed is even slower. SL + DL both only 5x max. :c
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New on Forum
Posted on: 21 Mar 06 23:04
+1 Great test indead Was basically lookin for that one, as i was offered a bundle with LG GSA-4167BBB @ 38€ (with 5 dvd boxes & cd pen), but wanted to see how well & fast it writes on CDRW & DVD±RW.
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New on Forum
Posted on: 17 May 06 00:59
Good test-have got one on the strength of it. Nice short casing-fits into small cases without interference. Excellent bang-for bucks ratio. 99min CD compatible. Silver fronted version to go in my Lian li -cheap and nasty finish.Ive done a better job with aerosol car paint... Recommended -especially at the bargain price.
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New on Forum
Posted on: 29 Jun 06 15:40
great drive, but how do you make it region free?
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CD Freaks Rookie
Posted on: 01 Dec 06 23:48
The best DVD Writer I have bought so far.I have tried LiteOn's,BenQ and NEC and the LG GSA-4167B is the best of them all.Why?Because it can write better quality than the others providing you buy good media and it dont make clicking/clunking noises,its works smoothly and you dont even notice the drive is there. I recently bought a Pioneer DVR-111BK and its excellent and dont make strange noises but the LG still beats the Pio when writing to DVD+R and "DVD_R" Best DVD Writer ever!!!
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New on Forum
Posted on: 15 Feb 07 13:42
I have had an LGS 4167b for 1 year, been wonderful... but I also have it in an external USB enclosure. which makes it even sweeter, I can love it to any computer and together using Nero, it rocks.. very nice.
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No longer with us
Posted on: 04 Mar 07 12:11
Help! I have a this drive with DL13 firmware but it doesn't work. It shows device full when you look at its properties and will not write any disks at all. :c I have an Asus AN8-SLI mobo and XP. Any ideas?
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No longer with us
Posted on: 11 May 07 12:33
ldxrqjim http://zydfmxdz.com pfseredm gdfgglua
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No longer with us
Posted on: 26 May 08 13:05
Just made 3 coasters in a row, on my Samsung SH-S182M, firmware SB06. Disks have media code MCC 03RG20, package says "made in India". Samsung drive likes Verbatim DVD+R's (0 coasters out of the last tub of 50).
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