LG GSA-H55LI Super Multi DVD Rewriter with SecurDisc Technology KIPPER .

The LG GSA-H55LI is the first DVD Writer with the SecurDisc Technology; will burn fast and burns most media with good quality

The LG GSA-H55LI is the first DVD Writer with the SecurDisc Technology; will burn fast and burns most media with good quality

LG GSA-H55LI Super Multi DVD Rewriter with SecurDisc Technology

Posted 22 July 2007 19:03 CEST by KIPPER





Review:  LG-GSA-H55LI
Reviewed by:  The Kipper
Provided by:  LG Electronics U.S.A.
Firmware:  1.01
Manufactured:  March 2007

LG Electronics USA was kind enough to send us their new Super Multi DVD Rewriter with SecurDisc Technology, the LG GSA-H55LI.

LG’s new Super-Multi GSA-H55LI internal optical disc drive with LightScribe gives you the added feature of burning customized labels with images and text onto the LightScribe media.  This drive is the first to offer the new SecurDisc Technology, a project that is a joint venture between LG and Nero.   This drive is compatible with DVD±R, DVD±RW, and DVD-RAM discs. With an 18x max DVD burn speed, and 12x DVD-RAM, double Layer DVD+R (8.5GB) and dual layer DVD-R (8.5GB) recording is also supported. Burn Fast, Burn Right with the LG GSA-H55LI.

In this review we will test the LG GSA-H55LI’s new SecurDisc functions as well as the reading and writing performance with a variety of DVD and CD media


Company Information

LG is a South Korean industrial group. The name LG comes from an abbreviation of "Lucky-Goldstar", the company's name until 1995.

LG Electronics was established in 1958. Today, LG Electronics is one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers.

The LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. Information Systems Products division (LGE ISP) markets LG-brand LCD displays, as well as optical storage CD and DVD readers and writers, to reseller and retail distribution channels.

As the world's largest manufacturer of CD/DVD drives, LG CD and DVD readers and writers include such models and CD-Re-Writers (CD-RW), Combo CD-RW/DVD, DVD-ROM readers and DVD writers. LG is frequently first to market with the newest technology and fastest recording speeds.

In the fast-growing area of DVD writers, LG takes the lead with the LG Super-Multi DVD writers, featuring triple DVD format compatibility (DVD+, DVD- and DVD-RAM). LG Super-Multi drives eliminate the issue of which format discs can be read, or to which format you have to write.

LG’s stated goal is to enhance customer’s life with intelligent features, intuitive functionality, and exceptional performance. 

Learn more about LG Electronics U.S.A. by visiting the company website: http://us.lge.com/

Drive overview

The LG GSA-H55LI is a Super Multi DVD burner capable of reading and writing DVD+R/RW/DL, DVD-R/RW/DL, DVD-RAM, and CD-R/RW formats with LightScribe capability and now from the leaders in Optical Drive Technology, experience a new level of data security with LG Super Multi Security.

“Super Multi” was coined by LG in 2003 and is an informal term describing DVD burners compatible with all existing DVD and CD formats.

Prior to 2003, DVD-RAM and DVD+R/DVD-R drives were separate devices. LG Electronics was the first company to release a drive that supported all three DVD formats. Several companies have since followed this strategy, making “multi” and “super multi” commonly used terms.

Drive Specifications

The specifications of the LG GSA-H55LI can be found on the LG Electronics website, however we have included them here also.

Drive Specifications

LG GSA-H55LI requires high-quality 16x media in order to reliably achieve 20x DVD burn speeds.  Fortunately, 16x Mitsubishi/Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden media is widely available in many countries.

The Retail Package

The drive we received was a retail package. It included everything needed for an easy installation:

  • Internal Super Multi 5.25” GSA-H55LI  Rewriter
  • Recording and authoring software disc
  • Quick Set-up Guide
  • Four Mounting Screws
  • Beige Front Panel and Tray Door Cover


Let’s take a closer look at the Retail Box:

Box Front

Box Rear

Box Left and Right sides

Box Top and Bottom

Now let’s take a closer look at the drive itself:

Drive Front

Drive Rear

Drive Left

Drive Right

Drive Bottom

Drive Top

Drive Sticker

Inside Drive

Drive Chipset

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