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Lite-On 32/12/40X CD-RW

Posted 02 March 2002 21:41 CET by Robin van Lieshout

LiteON Review: Lite-On LTR-32123S Reviewer: OC-Freak Provided by: LiteON Firmware: XS0F Lite-On, one of the world's largest producers of optical drives was kind enough to send us the LTR-32123S 32/12/40X CD-RW drive for review. Lite-On started their business in 1995, and in 1997 they opened a new factory in China. Lite-On IT was created in 1999 to focus on developing and producing Optical drives only. They quickly became one of the top brands both in the retail and the OEM market. Mostly because of high quality products and attractive pricing strategy. In 2001 they joined forces with JVC, a Japanese manufacturer of optical components, to stay even stronger in the market. Let's take a look at the features for the drive:
  • 32X (Zone-CLV) Record, 12X (CLV) Re-Write & 40X (CAV) Read technology.
  • E-IDE Interface, support up to Ultra-DMA mode 2.
  • Innovated SMART-BURN® technology to avoid from buffer under run Error & automatically adjust writing strategy plus running OPC to meet various CD-R/RW media burning condition.
  • Innovated SMART-X technology, support high speed Digital Audio Extration (DAE) & VCD data extraction
  • Supporting plug & play ; Emergency manual eject
  • Supporting Fixed Packet, Variable Packet, TAO, SAO, DAO, Raw Mode, Over-Burn.
  • Read/Write formats CD, CD-R, CD-RW Disc (up to 99 min), also conforms to Orange Book Part 2,3.
  • Easy-Tray® design for both horizontally & vertically use
  • Gear-Driven tray disc-loading mechaniasm to Improve reliability & life, no any belt-loose belt-broken issue.
  • VAS® Vibration Absorber System Mechanisam to reduce vibration & noise during read & write.
And here are some specifications:
  • Speed:
    • Recording 32X (4800KB/sec) Zone-CLV (16X, 20X@6min, 24X@16min, 32X@41min)
    • Re-writing 12X High-Speed (1800KB/sec) CLV
    • Reading 40Xmax (6000KB/sec) CAV (16X~40X)
  • Interface: ATAPI-E/IDE, support up to Ultra-DMA Mode2 33.3MB/sec
  • Access Time: 80ms (typical)
  • Buffer Memory Size: 2MB
  • System Requirement: CPU Pentium 166MHz above , Memory 128B Required ; HDD must have access time < 20ms, with a minimum of 100MBytes free space
  • Support Disc Format: CD/CD-R/CD-RW formats both 8cm & 12cm discs (up to 99 min)
  • Support Operating System: DOS 6.xx, Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000/ME, OS2 Warp
  • MTBF: 70'000 Power On Hours with 25% Duty
  • Audio:
    • S/N : 70dB
    • Earphone : 0.3Vrms @ 1KHz
  • Temperature & Humidity:
    • Operating: 5C to 45C ; RH: 15% to 80% , Non-Condensing
    • Non-Operating: -20C to 60C ; RH: 15% to 90% , Non-Condensing
  • Dimension:
    • WxHxD: 145.8 x 41.3 x 190.0mm
    • Weight: 1.0Kg
  • Power Requirement:
    • DC + 5 V (+/- 5%, 100mVpp ripple) 1.2 A (max), 0.2 A (min)
    • DC +12 V (+/- 10%, 200mVpp ripple) 1.4 A (max), 0.01 A (min)
  • Recommanded 12X CD-RW High-Speed Media:
    • Acer Media, CMC, Mitsubishi Chemical, Plextor, RiTEK, Ricoh, EverMedia, Memorex(Infodisc)
Now Let's take a look at the main technologies used in this drive... settings

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