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Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate Review


Video editing software expert
Article posted 09 Nov 08 21:03

Main Features



Pinnacle Studio 12 provides three easy modes to create movies. You can select one of the three mode buttons at the top left of the Studio window: Capture, Edit and Make Movie mode.

Capture mode

This mode is used to import source video material, which is your raw footage, to your PC hard drive. Possible sources include analog videotape (8mm, VHS etc.), digital videotape (HDV, DV, Digital8), and live video from a video camera, camcorder or webcam.

We will attempt to capture a video that was taken by Panasonic PVGS70 Camcorder. The camcorder is connected via IEE1394 connection.

The capture mode is easy to use and understand. After making a few changes to the video and audio settings, the video was captured without any problems. Once the video is captured, scenes are added to the timeline and we can start editing the video materials.

Edit mode

In this mode, you can arrange your video material as desired by reordering scenes and discarding unwanted footage. You can also add visuals, such as transitions, titles and graphics, and supplementary audio, such as sound effects and background music. For DVD and VCD authoring, we can create interactive menus that give your audience a customized viewing experience.

The Edit mode is the arena for most of your work in Pinnacle Studio. There are tons of features available in Edit mode, however in this First Look we will look at some of them briefly.

In the Edit mode, we can choose from three different views: Storyboard view, Timeline view and Text view.


Storyboard view


Timeline view


Text view

We can add a chapter marker at the scrubber location by right clicking on the timelime.


By double clicking the video in, we can make set/trim the start and end time of frames shown on player. It will also open up a new set of features on the left bar called the Toolbox, including changing the properties of video and themes, create or edit titles, create or edit disc menu, grab a frame of video and so on.


The Toolbox is also accessible from the pulldown menu on the top of the screen.


The Grab Video Frame feature allows you to capture a frame from selected video clips.  You can add the frame to movie or save to disk in various file formats.


Make Movie mode

Finally when your project is complete, you can generate a finished movie in your choice of format and storage medium including Disc, File, Tape or Web. Pinnacle Studio lets you create versions of your movies that are compatible ranging from hand-held DivX players and mobile phones to High Definition formats.

Disc types supported in the Make Disc option are AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD, DVD, SVCD and VCD. We can also choose Video quality, audio compression and many more settings.


The Make file option let us choose to save the video to various file formats.


We can also make Tape or save to Web to Yahoo! Video and Youtube.


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