Samsung SN-S082M Slim Drive Review

Posted 21 February 2008 21:49 CEST by Herbert Klausner


  • Supports DVD±R/±R DL/RAM writing at 8x/8x/6x/4x/5x
  • Supports DVD+RW/-RW writing at 8x/6x
  • Supports CD-R/-RW writing at 24x
  • Supports Bitsetting for DVD+R/RW/DL media
  • Can overburn and write 100 min CD-R up to 96 minutes
  • Can read 100 minutes CD-Rs
  • Reads DVD±R/±RW at 8x/8x
  • Reads DVD-Video SL/DL at 8x/6x
  • Supports LightScribe Disc Labelling Technology
  • Good Writing Quality on quality DVD-R media
  • Good CD-R writing quality
  • Almost good writing quality on DVD+R/+RW media


  • Does not support Mt. Rainer
  • Questionable DVD-RW writing Performance
  • Does not meet with the specs when it comes to DVD+/-R DL reading
  • Does not meet with the specs when it comes to DVD+RW burning
  • Single LED for reading and writing
  • Questionable writing quality on some CD-RW media



Let us now summarise the most important positive and negative points below:

The Main Positive Points:

The Samsung SN-S082M is a Laptop drive which supports reading and writing to all available standard media types (apart from HD media) and with its additional LightScribe support it appears to be an almost complete Laptop DVD+/-RW drive.

The Samsung SN-S082M supports bitsetting for DVD+R/RW/DL media, it burns DVD+R/RW, DVD-R and CD-R media with good/excellent quality and it can also read and write 100 min CD-R media.

The Main Negative Points:

The Samsung SN-S082M doesn’t meet the specs when it comes to read DVD+/-R DL media and burning DVD+RW media.

The writing quality on DVD-RW needs to become improved as well as the writing quality on CD-RW media.


To sum it all up, this is what we would say: “The Samsung SN-S082M is an almost complete Laptop DVD+/-RW drive with good writing quality on the most used media types (DVD+/-R and CD-R) that also supports the LightScribe disc labelling technology. There should be no problem for the average user to use the drive for everyday backups.”

At we didn’t find the drive listed.

You may discuss/comment this review below or in this forum thread.


Thanks to:

Miflop Media – Spain for providing the media used in this review.











Daxon Technology Inc – Taiwan for providing the BenQ media used in this article.


Ricoh Europe – For providing the media used in this review.




Verbatim - Germany and United Kingdom for providing the media used in this review.

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