ADATA Ultimate SU800 256GB SSD review

Posted 04 December 2016 10:34 CEST by Antonis Sapanidis

The cons:

I would like to have seen a chassis that wasn't plastic with an SSD that has the Ultimate name on it, but I can live with that. The performance of the drive when it comes to write speed can drop to 45MB/Sec when pushed, and that is very easily achievable so either leave some unallocated space as over-provisioning or don’t fill the drive to its max.

The pros:

The read performance is a plus, especially with the lower queue depths that most of us will be using on a daily basis. The three year warranty is something that is welcomed, together with the ADATA SSD Toolbox that offers more than just what you need to do, and it also has an excellent PDF that explains everything in a lot of detail. Real world performance was also very good, and for the brief time that is used the ADATA Ultimate SU800 I was very happy to report that it worked well, without any flaws, and made my daily experience trouble free. The drive is available in different capacities, from 128GB up to 1TB so you have a wide range to choose one from that fit your needs. Prices as always will vary but at the time that this review was published the 256Gb drive could be found on for 81 Euro, on for £63.22, and here in Greece you can find it at a starting price of 83 Euros.

To sum up, this is what I would say:

ADATA’s Ultimate SU800 SSD is good for those looking for a budget upgrade to cover the basic needs, and in return they'll gain a lot of speed in application loading. The three-year warranty is also welcomed.

Therefore, I give the 'Good' award to the ADATA Ultimate SU800.


Thanks to:

EFD Software for providing the fully licensed versions of HD Tune Pro

Alex Schepeljanski for AS SSD Benchmark

Anvil’s Storage Utilities

FutureMark for providing a professional license for PC Mark 8

Quarch Technology for providing the XLC PPM test equipment used for our power consumption tests.


You may comment on this review here, you can also post your benchmarks in our forum.


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