Corsair Force MP500 NVMe SSD review

Posted 03 February 2017 20:31 CEST by Antonis Sapanidis

Closing thoughts.

As I said in the prologue, Corsair was able to surprise me once again with the Force MP500 NVMe SSD, and not only because of its performance, which is excellent. The Corsair Force MP500 NVMe SSD was able to reach its maximum read speed when tested with ATTO, and in the IOMeter tests IOPS were also excellent, so when it comes to speed, at the moment you can’t ask for more. One more thing to keep in mind is the extra layer of copper that makes contact with the NAND and the controller, this way you have better cooling, so thermal throttling should not be an issue, and from the time that I spent with the drive I didn’t notice any throttling.

The price of the Corsair Force MP500 NVMe SSD is a little high, but if you want to have the best storage in your system, you will not hesitate to pay the extra money. The only thing that needs an update is the Corsair software, and at the time of writing this review, it did not work 100% with the Force MP500, but this is something that I expect to be fixed, at some point.  

The drive comes with a three-year warranty, and it's available in three capacities, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB. The m.2 form factor is another plus, no extra SATA and power cables, no PCIe adapters for the Corsair Force MP500, just an m.2 2280 NVMe drive with excellent performance. Finally, the real world performance of the Corsair Force MP500 is also excellent, and having used the drive daily from the day that I finished testing it, I have to say that its overall performance was rock solid, offering way more speed than I needed, which is something that I welcome. Also in my real world tests the Corsair Force MP500 was the fastest SSD that I have tested.

To sum up, this is what I would say:

“Corsair Force MP500 is an excellent drive, both read and write speeds were excellent but most importantly its real world performance is also excellent..”

Therefore, I give the 'Excellent' rating and the ‘Editor’s choice’ award to the Corsair Force MP500 NVMe SSD.

editors choice


Thanks to:

EFD Software

EFD Software for providing the fully licensed versions of HD Tune Pro

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Alex Schepeljanski for AS SSD Benchmark


Anvil’s Storage Utilities


FutureMark for providing a professional license for PC Mark 8

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Quarch Technology for providing the XLC PPM test equipment used for our power consumption tests.


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