Corsair Voyager AIR2 Review Antonis Sapanidis .

Today I am taking a closer look on the Corsair Voyager AIR2, its an 1TB USB3 hard drive that also offers WiFI connectivity and many other features. Lets see how the Corsair Voyager AIR2 performs.

Today I am taking a closer look on the Corsair Voyager AIR2, its an 1TB USB3 hard drive that also offers WiFI connectivity and many other features. Lets see how the Corsair Voyager AIR2 performs.

Corsair Voyager AIR2 Review

Posted 07 August 2014 13:04 CEST by Antonis Sapanidis

Review: Corsair Voyager AIR2 Reviewed by: Antonis Sapanidis Provided by: Corsair Manufactured: in Taiwan

We all know that Corsair offers a wide range of products, from cases, keyboards, AIO water coolers, to case fans, RAM, SSDs, and USB flash drives. Back in January2013 Corsair published a press release for the Corsair Voyager AIR. The Voyager AIR was, and still is, a very smart device that not only had a lot of features but importantly was able to provide a solution to almost any storage issue that you might have.

Today, I am happy to review the Corsair Voyager AIR2, the Ethernet port is not gone, and it also has a much cleaner look than the Voyager AIR, so the question is if Corsair needed to sacrifice anything in the Voyager AIR2, and if so how can this impact us?

So let's see what the Corsair Voyager AIR2 offers, how it performs, and also if Corsair continues to push things one step further with the AIR2 despise the lack of the Ethernet port.

Before I start this review you might want to take a look on the Corsair website to find out more about Corsair, their history, or simply just to browse though their products. You can find all this out at this link.

So let's start this review by taking a closer look at the package and its contents.

A first look at the drive and its specifications

Let’s start with a visual inspection of the drive, and as we see the drive comes in regular packaging.

The front of the box.

The back of the box.

Rear side,

You will find this text in all three remaining sides of the box.

Inside the box we will find the Voyager AIR2, a quick user guide, and a USB cable.

The top view of the Corsair Voyager. In the middle there is the Corsair logo, and on the bottom we find the Power indicator, which is also used as a button to power the Voyager AIR2 on and off, and after that there is an indicator that will light when the voyager is connected to external power.  Next is the battery indicator, a three colour LED, and the Wi-Fi LED which again is used as an ON/OFF switch.

The three major indicators, are lit up in blue. The battery LED is green when the battery is higher than 75%, amber for 5-75%, and red when the battery is less than 5%. You can charge the battery via USB3 or directly with a 12V DC power supply.

The bottom of the Corsair Voyager AIR2.

Additional info on the internal hard drive of the Corsair Voyager AIR2

Here is a look inside the Corsair Voyager AIR2.

Removing the screws we gain access to the other side, and there we find the Wi-Fi card, and the battery. The battery in the Voyager AIR2 is rated at 6200mAh which should be able to last for close to seven hours, depending on use, and below the battery there are four screws to secure the hard drive. In any case I will strongly advise not opening your Voyager AIR2 because you will invalidate your three year warranty.


Here are the Specifications for the Corsair Voyager AIR2, you can also find them in Corsair website.


Now let's start our tests for the Corsair Voyager AIR2... settings

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