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Corsair Voyager GS USB3 64GB Review


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Article posted 23 Sep 13 20:11


Review: Corsair Voyager GS
Reviewed by: Antonis Sapanidis
Provided by: Corsair
Manufactured: in Taiwan

Corsair is a company that specialises in high performance computer parts, from power supply units, cooling solutions, to gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets. But they also have a wide range of system memory, and storage products, from SSDs such as the Corsair Neutron GTX that we have tested, and also a variety of USB flash drives.

Corsair was kind and provided me with their latest Voyager GS 64GB USB3 flash drive which comes in two other sizes, 128GB and 265GB. All three options have the same excellent built quality, with a metallic housing that is scratch and fingerprint resistant and all of them have a maximum read speed of 260MB/Sec. The only difference is in the write speed, the 64GB will go up to 70MB/Sec and the 128GB & 256GB will reach speeds of 90MB/Sec & 105MB/Sec.  All these drives are covered by a five year warranty, but you don’t need me to write endless about all this, you can find all the information about read/write speeds and also about the pricing on the official website, simply by clicking on the link here. You can also find out more about Corsair by clicking here.

So let’s move forward and I will start this review of the Corsair Voyager GS by taking a look at the packaging and contents.

A first look at the Corsair Voyager GS and its specifications

The package that the Corsair Voyager comes is very appealing, simple, as with most USB flash drives, and very informative.

On the front side, you will see the name of the drive, the drive itself, and the information about the size , pretty much all you need to know.

Moving to the rear of the package, again you will be able to see the overall performance of the Voyager GS, and also the usual information about the warranty, which for the Voyager GS is a five year warranty.


The top of the drive has a very clean and minimal look that I really like.


The same also applies to the rear of the Corsair Voyager GS


A view of the side of the Voyager GS.

On the end of the drive you will find a mounting point so that you can carry the voyager GS with you.

Finally a picture of the drive opened. Notice that the size of the drive is incised on the top of the USB port.


Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Corsair Voyager GS as they appear on the official website.



From the above table we can see that the Corsair Voyager GS can achieve a maximum read speed of 260MB/Sec and a maximum write speed of 70MB/Sec. Notice that this performance will vary depending on the size of the flash drive. You can find more info on the Voyager GS here.


Now let’s start our tests with the FAT32 file-system…

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