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Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache Review.


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Article posted 17 May 12 11:21

Anvils storage

Anvil’s storage utilities

As well as performing SSD endurance tests. Anvil’s Storage Utilities has a very nice SSD benchmarking application. The SSD benchmark tests many different aspects of SSD performance, including 4K random at different queue depths, and also sequential performance, but more importantly than this, all using real test data.

Another very nice feature of Anvil’s SSD benchmark is the fact that you can change the compression levels of the test data. The compression levels of the data sets used for the tests can be varied from 0% compression right up to 100% compressed data, and there are even a few data profiles already included, such as database (8%) compression, and also an application profile (46%) compression, which is designed to simulate real application data being read and written to the SSD.

Anvil’s Storage Utilities is still in beta at the moment, but the application is currently solid enough to use in this article, and I have already verified the results obtained using an SATA analyser.

I will include a screenshot of the HDD drive alone and also with Crucial’s Adrenal line Cache SSD.

I will also be testing three different compression profiles, which are as follows.

·                     0 fill (100% compressible data)

·                     Application simulation profile (46% compressed)

·                     100% (non compressible data)

 So let’s begin start with our tests.

0 – Fill test


HDD with the Crucial Adrenaline Cache drive

Excellent performance from the Crucial Adrenaline drive.

46% Application


HDD with the Crucial Adrenaline Cache drive

Again the crucial drive shows and outstanding performance, a huge improvement over an HDD.

100% Incompressible


HDD with the Crucial Adrenaline Cache drive

Again, on the final test the Crucial Adrenaline Cache drive show and excellent performance.


The Crucial Adrenaline cache drive show how much performance you can gain with this solution. As you can see the difference between your HDD and the combination of HDD and the Crucial Adrenaline is simply astounding.


Now let’s see how the drive performs in everyday use …

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