Eminent EM7075-DTS Review

Posted 21 April 2010 21:28 CEST by Antonis Sapanidis

Video playback capabilities

We start the review with some video and audio tests. The first impression we get is that the player can play all the files that we tested without any issues, so let’s start.

First we started with the typical XviD/DivX files, note that the files we tested were encoded with different versions, plus some of them had AC3 sound and not only one stream of audio (some had multiple audio streams). We didn’t encounter any problem with the DivX/XviD playback.

Then we made a copy of the movie “Iron Man” in ISO (full movie and movie only), the player was able to play the ISO file without any issues, we could select the audio streams that the movie had and also the subtitles that the DVD had. The only thing that we didn’t like was that the player was going directly into the main movie although we had the DVD ripped with the menus. After the ISO test we went on and ripped the iron man movie (main and full movie) again at the external had drive to test the IFO/VOB playback of the EM7075, again the player was able to see all the audio languages that we had kept and the subtitles without any problems, but again it failed to play the menu of the DVD.

It was about time to see how good the Eminent media player is with high definition, so we encoded some MKV, MP4 and AVCHD and also we made a full rip of a Blu-ray disc as an ISO file and as a folder on our hard disk. First we tried some MKV files from (both 720p and 1080p) with internal and external subtitles, also with multiple audio streams, and the EM7275-DTS had no issues playing the selected media, then we tried some MP4 files (720P) and again the player was able to play the file perfect without any problems.

For the next test we tried to playback a Blu-ray disc from the 2.5” external hard drive in ISO mode and file mode. We started with the tests in file mode, and the player was able to play all three audio streams, also it had no problems showing the Greek subtitles from the M2TS files. Finally we tested the ISO we made, and here we had some troubles, the playback wasn’t stable, the picture and sound was freezing frequently so it was impossible to watch the video, and once again the media player was going directly to the main movie and skipping the main menu (this maybe had to do with the external HDD, but at this moment it was the only hard drive that had enough free space for testing).

Finally we tested some MOV,MPEG1, MPEG2, TS files, and we didn’t have any playback issues.

File types & file extensions


























*we had some problems with playback which might have been the 2.5” external hdd we used

So as we can see, the player can play all kinds of video files and plus it can downmix DTS and AC3 into two channels incase that you don’t have a 5.1 system or you don’t want to use your 5.1 amplifier to listen. So the general conclusion of the video playback ability is that it’s great and almost with zero issues.

Here is a screenshot of the settings that you will see when you are watching a 720p video, we would like to say that the top icons will be the same regardless what type of video you are watching.

So let’s take a closer look at these top function icons of the EM7075-DTS.

First we have the Audio button that will allow you to select different audio languages, the second icon is for the subtitles and this one too will allow to select the subtitles that you want, the third and forth icons are the zoom in/out, and the fifth is the position move icon that will allow to move the picture left/right/up/down, the sixth icon is the repeat, in case that you need a loop of one or more videos being played back more than once, and finally the last one is the info icon that will display the filename of the video you are watching (e.g. 2012.mkv) and the current time position of the film

We were given the chance to test the player on a PHILIPS 37” full HD TV, and also with a DENON 7.1 amplifier with B&W 5.1 speakers, so it was again HDMI with the TV and optical connection to the amplifier. The first feeling we got is that the picture quality is very good, almost excellent, also we saw the 5.1 mark in the display of the amplifier, both ac3 & DTS in different movies. So as it was expected, we got carried away and watched some movies.

To summarize, both audio and video was extremely enjoyable and you can easily get carried away with HD movies with DTS sound, a combination that you can’t bypass.

Now let’s head over to the next page where we will test audio and picture ability of the media player....

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