HyperX Predator 480GB PCIe SSD

Posted 28 November 2016 21:12 CEST by Antonis Sapanidis

PC Mark 8 - HDD Suite

We have built quite a close relationship with FutureMark software, the authors of the PCMark PC benchmarking software that we use in our tests. I decided I would use PCMark Vantage as stopgap measure until the more up-to-date PCMark 8 benchmarking suite became available. I'm pleased to say that PCMark 8 is now available, and it gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to the results obtained by this new 'real world' benchmarking suite.

I will describe the basic way that each test is carried out, above the graph for each test.

PC Mark 8 HDD suite results

Here is a screenshot displaying the results for the HyperX Predator 480GB SSD.

As we can see in the above graph the HyperX predator gave an outstanding result.

The result for the After Effects test.

The result for the InDesign test.

The result for Photoshop heavy test.

The result for the Illustrator test.

The result for the Photoshop light test.

The result for Battlefield 3.

The result for World of Warcraft.

The result for the Word test.

The result for the Excel test.

The result for the PowerPoint test.


In almost every single PCMark 8 test that I ran the HyperX Predator was able to top the  charts with outstanding results overall.

Let's head to the next page for our IOMeter test results.....

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