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Kingston V+ 200 240GB SSD Review

Posted 14 June 2012 12:56 CET by Antonis Sapanidis


Review: Kingston V+ 200 240GB SSD Reviewed by: Vroom Provided by: Kingston Model: V+ 200 Firmware version: 501ABBF0



Kingston is the leading name when it comes to RAM and USB Flash drives, over the last few years Kingston has also entered the SSD market and has shown that they want to play a leading role here too. Their enthusiast line, the HyperX has shown some very impressive results. What happens when you want to have the benefits of an SSD and you don’t want to pay the premium price for an enthusiast drive?

You simply look for the value/business line, and the V+ 200 is that drive. The V+ 200 is built around the SandForce controller, but this time Kingston is using asynchronous NAND, instead of the toggled NAND that we saw in my previous review. The main benefit in using asynchronous NAND is that it's cheaper, but it remains to be seen if the asynchronous NAND has any impact on the performance of the SSD.

Kingston was kind enough to send me the V+ 200 SSD for review. The V+ 200 is Kingston’s business line SSD and can be found in 60GB/90GB/120GB/240GB and 480GB capacities so that you can get the drive that fit best your needs. It offers sequential read and write speeds up to +500MB/Sec.  In this review I will be taking a closer look at the Kingston V+ 200 240GB SSD.

Kingston's SSD product line can be found here.

Kingston company information

In 1987, Kingston® entered the market with a single product. Founders John Tu and David Sun addressed a severe shortage of surface-mount memory chips with a memory module that would serve to redefine industry standards for years to come. You can read the full history of Kingston by clicking here.

The Kingston V+ 200 240GB SSD

Time to take a closer look at the package and what comes shipped with.


Box front

Box rear

Bottom of the box


Box left and right

Inside the box


A closer look on the drive

The package contained the V+ 200 SSD, mounting screws, a 3.5 mounting bracket, a bootable CD-ROM containing the Acronis True Image software and an instruction manual, an SATA cable and a USB cable for the included external enclosure, and a screw driver.

The Kingston V+ 200 SSD

The upper side of the Kingston V+200 is very simple, with a sticker showing all the info that you need. As we can see the drive is made in Taiwan.

Drive underside

The underside of the drive has the SATA power and data connectors.

On the top side of the circuit board we can see eight NAND chips.

On the bottom we can see another eight NAND chips and the SandForce controller.

A closer look at the NAND,

and the SandForce controller.


The following specifications can be found on Kingston's website.

From the above picture we can get a more detailed view of the Kingston V+ 200 SSD. The V+ 200 240GB SSD has a read speed of up to 535mb/sec and a write speed of up to 480mb/sec.  The drive has also a three year warranty.


Above we can see some more info about the Kingston V+ 200 SSD.


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