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Lexar JumpDrive P10 32GB – The king is here


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Article posted 10 Jul 13 11:43


Review: Lexar P10 Jumpdrive
Reviewed by: Antonis Sapanidis
Provided by: Lexar
Manufactured: in USA

It’s almost a year since I reviewed the Lexar Lexar Triton Jumpdrive, and I was amazed by its performance, as a matter of fact I still find the Triton to be one of the best USB3 flash drives that you can get. We all know that when it comes to technology changes happen very quickly, and the Lexar P10 JumpDrive is here to validate this rule.

On the outside it might look identical to the Triton, but this time Lexar has taken one big step forward, and almost doubled the read and write speeds of the P10 JumpDrive. The Lexar P10 is available in three sizes, starting with the 16GB, the 32GB that I will be reviewing, and the maximum size that you will be able to get the P10 is 64GB.

You can find out more about Lexar simply by clicking here.

So let’s move forwards, and start his review by taking a first look at the package and its contents.

A first look at the drive and its specifications

The simple packaging the shows the P10 and also displays the information that you need to know about the P10 Jumpdrive’s size and performance.

The front side,

and here is the back of the package.

and also the two sides of the box.

The top side of the drive The little triangle in the middle has an indication LED, this time it’s a red LED.

The back of the Lexar P10 is the metal chassis, also we can see that it’s made in the USA, once again outstanding build quality.


Here is a look at the specifications of the Lexar P10 Jump Drive as they appear on the official website.



From the above picture we can see that the P10 is able to achieve a maximum read speed of 265MB/Sec and also 245MB/Sec when it comes to write speed, all this for the 32GB drive.


Now let’s start our tests with the FAT32 file-system…

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