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Lexar S23 Jumpdrive review – Fast, colorful and affordable USB3 drive


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Article posted 17 Jun 13 12:59

Introduction and first look

Review: Lexar S23 Jumpdrive
Reviewed by: vroom
Provided by: Lexar
Manufactured: in China

Storage technology is moving forward at very fast rate, not only we are able to have more speed and more capacity, but we also get smaller size, and at a lower price. Lexar is doing all of that, and here at Myce I was fortunate to review the Lexar Triton Jumpdrive, a flash drive that for me is still the best drive that you can buy. Okay, it might not be the fastest drive on the market, but is still one of the fastest flash drives and it has outstanding build quality.

Now I am taking a closer look at the S23 Jumpdrive, and this time Lexar is providing a more affordable USB3 flash drive, that not only continues to have very good performance, of up to 100MB/Sec read and 55MB/Sec write, but also continues to have a very stylish look. The Lexar S23 Jumpdrive comes in four colours – an 8GB in orange, a 16GB in teal, a 32Gb in green and a 64GB in purple. All models are covered by a three year Warranty.

You can find out more about Lexar simply by clicking here.

A first look at the drive and its specifications

As you can see the package is very simple, and it has all the information that you need to know about the S23 Jumpdrive.

The front side,

and here is the back of the package.

When closed, front of the Lexar S23, reveals the capacity,

And when it’s opened you will see that it signifies it is USB3.0, also in the triangle there is an orange LED.


Firstly, here is a look at the specifications of the Jump Drive as they appear on the official website.


As we can see the drive is able to achieve 100MB/Sec read speeds and up to 55MB/Sec write speed, depending on the capacity of the drive.


Now let’s start our tests with the FAT32 file-system…

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