LG BP40NS20 Portable Blu-Ray burner review

Posted 13 July 2012 13:00 CEST by Antonis Sapanidis

Blu-Ray test

Verbatim BD-R 4x

Let's start these tests by showing the burn process on the LG BP40NS20

The USB2 connection didn’t allow the drive to reach its max speed of 6x, and that gave us an average speed of 3.54x and 25 minutes and 56 seconds to complete.

As we can see the quality of the burn is good, and also we don’t have any slowdowns on the transfer rate test.

Verbatim 2x LTH        

Again I will start this test by showing the burn graph.

The LG BP40NS20 burnt the disc  its rated speedand it took 46 minutes and 1 second to finish.

Again the disc quality showed a good burn, and test was finished with a perfect TRT.


For this last test I used a Verbatim 2x BD-RE disc, and here is the burn graph.

As we can see, the drive needed 45 minutes and 32 seconds to completed the burn.

Again the LG BP40NS20 has shown very good performance even with this heavily used –RE disc, and also the perfect TRT gives the final okay.


As we can see the LG BP40NS20 is a very good Blu-ray burner, unfortunately I didn’t have many media tests, but these first results are showing what the drive is capable of achieving.

Let’s round off this review with the author's page, containing some real world and advanced tests....

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