LG N2A2 NAS review

Posted 23 May 2012 23:28 CEST by Herbert Klausner

The LG N2A2 NAS also includes some more network features, such as DDNS or FTP. There’s also an LG smartphone application available which allows you to access your NAS from everywhere around the world via the internet. In this section of the review we’ll make a closer look onto these features and find out how it works. First we will look a bit closer into the DDNS feature of the device.


DDNS is also very easy to setup. Depending on the system configuration you may have to open some ports in your router. DDNS can be found in the web-menu under basic network settings.

LG N2A2 NAS DDNS settings

There is just a little information to enter and the LG N2A2 NAS can be accessed from everywhere around the world. LG is offering its own DDNS service but there is also other DDNS services that can be used. When all the information is entered and saved the NAS system can be accessed via the internet by entering the domain name in the address bar of the web-browser.

The interface looks similar to the regular web-interface of the LG N2A2.


Via the integrated file explorer any files can be downloaded and new files can be uploaded. The function worked without any problems during our tests so let’s head on to the FTP functionality of the LG N2A2 NAS system.


For accessing the LG N2A2 NAS via FTP, there is also just a little adjustment in the configuration menu required. In order to get the FTP client connecting over the internet, DDNS must be configured and running.

FTP activation

After activating FTP via the web-menu, the LG N2A2 can be accessed via any FTP client and files can be up and downloaded. In our test we used the popular Filezilla FTP client.

Filezilla FTP client

LG N2A2 NAS also supports FTPS, to get this working an FTPS supporting client must be used. Over all I can say that FTP worked without any problems, I had no troubles when working on the NAS over FTP.

Another nice feature of the LG N2A2 NAS is the possibility to access the device via a smartphone app. Let’s now look at this functionality…

Smartphone access

LG offers an app for Android and iOS devices that allows the user to connect to the LG N2A2 NAS via a smartphone. It’s called MyData. With this app the LG N2A2 NAS can be accessed and files can be uploaded and downloaded or streamed. The program works also via the DDNS service.


Alternatively the access can be managed via FTP applications which can be downloaded via the GooglePlay store. One of these apps is AndFTP.


So no more problems when you want to download music files from the LG N2A2 NAS to the mobile phone or when a picture needs to be uploaded to the NAS system.


Overall I can say that all accessing methods worked pretty well. There’s nothing negative I could say over these methods.


This concludes our review. To read the final thoughts and conclusion, click the link below....


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