LG N2A2 NAS review

Posted 23 May 2012 23:28 CEST by Herbert Klausner

User group and user accounts

User groups and user privileges are standard tools to prevent a system from unwanted modifications. The LG N2A2 NAS also offers this functionality to the administrator. Both tasks, creating a user group and creating a new user are easy tasks which require just 4 steps.

User dialog

In the user dialog we can edit existing users and also create new user accounts.

Add user dialog

Like I said before, adding a new user is a 4 step process. In the first step we must enter a username, id and password. If we like we can also add the user’s email address and add a user description. Optionally we can also set an expiring date for the account, volume space settings and menu permissions.

Add user – group settings dialog

In the second step we have to assign the user account to a user group, we can easily change the assigned user group if the wanted user group doesn’t exist at the moment of the user account creation.

Add user – folder permissions

The third step wants us to set the read/write permissions for the shared folders. We can choose between read, read/write and no permission.

Now let’s create a user group.

Add user group dialog

Creating a new user group is almost the same as creating a user account.

Add user group – basic information

Here we need to enter the name of the new user group and also a description if we like.

Add user group – user setting

Add user group – folder settings

Folder settings is pretty much the same as we seen when creating a user account before, we can define the shared read/write permissions for the users attending to that user group. Other shared folders can be added via the shared folder dialog which we can find in the configuration menu of the LG N2A2 NAS system.

Add user group – new group summary

We see that adding user accounts and user groups is a really straight forward and easy to master task. We find the given options are a good start to protect the system from unwanted modification.

Now let’s have a look at the backup ability of the LG N2A2 NAS.

Backup functionality

By default the NAS offers 4 different possibilities for backing up data.

  •          Remote NAS Backup
  •          USB Backup
  •          Timemachine
  •          Selective mirror

Remote NAS Backup: This feature can be used if another LG NAS device is connected to the network. In this case we would be able to backup and restore our important data to another LG device on our network.

USB Backup: With this feature we can easily backup the content of a USB stick to the LG N2A2 NAS. The NAS stores the information and backup settings for different devices, so we can backup the content of several USB sticks again and again without changing the settings each time. Just connect the USB stick to the NAS and push the backup button at the front. This feature supports the following backup methods.

  •          Incremental: From the last backup, only added data from the original backup is made.
  •          Full: All of original data backup is made.
  •          Copy: Keeps the same folder format as the original data during backup.
  •          Sync: Unlike ‘Copy’ the deleted data of the original file is also deleted in the backup folder.
  •          Filedate: The file is classified by created date of the original data during backup.

Timemachine: Through automatic backup feature in Mac OS X, this service feature will keep Mac data copy of LG Network Storage up to date.

Selective mirror: A copy of a particular folder is automatically generated and can recover the data. Changes in the selected folder will be reflected in the destination folder, so you can protect your data.

All this functions together with a RAID1 configuration, which should make the LG N2A2 NAS a safe place for our important data.

Now let’s see how the LG N2A2 performed in our benchmarks…


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