LiteOn iHAS624 CD/DVD Burner Review

Posted 19 December 2010 19:03 CEST by Antonis Sapanidis


Special Features

On this page we will check out the special features that the drive has to offer. In the case of the Lite-On iHAS624, we start our tests with SmartErase.


SmartErase is feature that will destroy any data on recordable CD or DVD. It does this by overwriting the disc with meaningless data to destroy any data that is present on the disc. The resulting disc should be rendered useless and unreadable.

We check out the feature below.

When the SmartErase application is opened, it will list all drives in your system, but it will only work with a drive that supports the feature. In this case only the LiteON iHAS624 drive supports this feature.

As we can see there are two options.

  • Quick Erase
  • Full Erase

We chose the "full erase" option.

Once the disc has been erased, a popup confirms that the erase process has been successful.


SmartErase worked perfectly and none of our tested discs were in any way readable after a SmartErase had been performed on the disc.


LabelTag is a new feature introduced in the Lite-On iHAS624. LabelTag can write text or an image to the data side of a DVD R or CD-R media, and co-exists with the normal data track on the DVD R/CD-R media.

The LabelTag software that allows you to design the text for burning to the DVD R/CD-R media is supplied on the software disc that comes with the Lite-On iHAS624, or you can download the PLDS SmartPack Utility from Liteon, that has both the smarterase and label design view software.

Let's take a look at what can be done with LabelTag.


Let's look at our design for CD-R media in the screenshot below.

The first thing you will notice when looking at the dye on a partially written CD-R media is, there is not much of a contrast between the written part and the blank part of the media. CD-R dye tends to be very light, therefore contrast is low between the written and unwritten parts of the disc.

Now let's look at the quality. Note: we scanned our resulting disc with a flatbed scanner, which obviously displays some problems with scanning highly reflective material.

Even taking into consideration that our flatbed scanner has problems with highly reflective material, the result is very poor, and even to the naked eye, it is very difficult to read the image burned onto the test CD-R media.


Let's look at our design for DVD R media in the screenshot below.

DVD R dye has a much higher contrast between the written and unwritten parts of the disc, so should perform a lot better than our tested CD-R. Let's find out.

Now let's look at the resulting image.

Taking into consideration the problems that our flatbed scanner has with highly reflective material, the resulting LabelTag image is very easy to read, and looks even better with the naked eye.

At this point we would like to say that in order to have a working label on your disc you need to burn your media as a multisession, and leave the session open.


LabelTag can produce excellent results with DVD R media, but with CD-R media the result can be very difficult to read. Then there is the time taken to actually write the image. To be fair, people will generally fill the disc with more data than we have with our tests, and therefore the time taken to write the LabelTag image will be reduced.

LabelTag is a nice idea, i can make your CD’s and DVD’s look different, but it will cost you some space. So you will have to decide if you want to use this feature.


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