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OCZ RevoDrive 350 – PCIe SSD – First Look

Posted 24 April 2014 15:15 CET by Wendy Robertson


Review: OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD Reviewed by: Wendy Robertson Provided by: OCZ Storage Solutions Model: RevoDrive 350 480GB Firmware version:  2.50


There are times when SATA just isn't fast enough to meet the demands of high end workstation workloads. Of course, you could RAID a few SATA SSDs in a RAID0 configuration to boost reading and writing speeds, but this can become complicated and messy, and not to mention eats up those precious motherboard SATA ports.

A much neater, and less complicated solution is to purchase a PCIe based SSD. Gone is the restrictive SATA bandwidth. and you have a single card solution that is neat and doesn't use up those precious SATA ports.

Enter the OCZ Storage Solutions RevoDrive 350. The RevoDrive 350 completes the OCZ transition to Toshiba NAND. It doesn't stop there though. The RevoDrive 350 also makes the transition to a PCIe generation 2 x8 connection to the PCIe system bus. Thereby increasing the total bandwidth to approximately 4GB/s.

The RevoDrive 350 is available in three different capacities, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB. The RevoDrive also uses the LSI Sandforce SF2282 SSD controller, with two of these SSD controllers utilised in the 240GB version, and four SF2282 SSD controllers utilised in the 480GB and 960GB versions.

The RevoDrive 350 is aimed at the high end workstation market, where mixed read/write performance needs to be of a very high standard.

Having only got my hands on this SSD yesterday, there simply wasn't the time to complete a full review of the OCZ RevoDrive 350. So what follows is a first look at the RevoDrive 350, and I will back this up a full review in the coming days.

The version I'm looking at today is the 480GB version.   

So let's find out how this new SSD performs in our range of tests.

OCZ Storage Solutions company information

OCZ should need no introduction, but those of you who would like to find out more about OCZ Storage Solutions, can do so at their website.

The OCZ RevoDrive 350 - 480GB SSD

Now it’s time to take a look at the drive itself and what it came shipped with.


The review sample I received was the full retail kit.

The box contained the OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD, driver software for Windows 7/8/8.1, and Linux drivers for Fedora, Mint, and Ubuntu. There is also a user guide on the supplied CD-ROM.

Drive front



The software supplied via download from the OCZ website is as follows.

  • OCZ SSD Toolbox

OCZ SSD Toolbox

The OCZ SSD toolbox provides a means of updating the SSD's firmware, controller BIOS, Secure Erasing the SSD, TRIM the free space on the SSD, and also providing useful information about the OCZ RevoDrive 350 hardware via S.M.A.R.T.

Software drivers are also supplied for Windows 7/8/8.1, and Linux drivers for Fedora, Mint, and Ubuntu.

A closer look at the OCZ RevoDrive 350 hardware.


Drive rear and PCB

Removing the integrated heat sink reveals the PCIe controller (not shown), and on the rear side of the PCB, we can see 4x LSI Sandforce SF2282 SSD controllers, and the 19nm 'premium grade' Toggle 2 MLC NAND chip packages manufactured by Toshiba.



Let’s head to the next page where we take a look at a few synthetic benchmarks and I/O performance..... settings

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