Plextor PX-NAS4 – NAS box review

Posted 25 March 2011 20:28 CEST by Wendy Robertson


Our final thoughts and conclusion

As an NAS box, the Plextor PX-NAS4 performs extremely well. It’s fast and has excellent storage potential.

The Plextor PX-NAS4 is also a very easy unit to configure and use. Once you have configured the LAN settings, user accounts, and user permissions, you can more or less forget about the unit and just use it.

The setup menus themselves are easy to navigate and use, and I had the unit configured and running within a couple of minutes.

Once the Plextor PX-NAS4 is up and running, noise levels are low, and the unit is very unobtrusive.

The supplied software is there for those who want to use it; it’s functional and does what it has to do with a minimum of fuss.

Let’s sum up the unit.

Main positive points

  • Flawless media streaming capabilities.
  • Very good user account control features and privacy levels.
  • Very good file transfer speeds.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • System backup software included.
  • Stylish design.
  • Quiet in operation.
  • Easy to setup and use.

The main negative points

  • No HDDs are fitted as standard.
  • A failed RAID volume is not automatically rebuilt.

To sum up, this is what I would say

The Plextor PX-NAS4 is a very good NAS solution, It’s media streaming capabilities were flawless during our test period, file transfer rates are very good, and really the unit has very few weak points.

All in all, the Plextor PX-NAS4 does what it’s supposed to do; it’s fast, quiet, and has some very nice features, and a worthy winner of the MyCE “safe buy” award.

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New Member
Posted on: 31 Mar 11 18:48
What is it? what does it do/ how do you hook it up to your unit?
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MyCE Resident
Posted on: 09 Apr 11 12:23
If you even looked at this article you'd know..
It's a data box (essentially) which can connect to your LAN network via ethernet and/or esata data cable to a computer (which your computer could share over a network as well). However, the whole point of NAS equipment is to have access to the drives over a wireless network so certain types of equipment such as tablet computers and/or set-top boxes for home theater systems can stream, store and poll video/audio data from them.

Imagine having the contents of blockbuster in this box with 4 x 3tb hard drives.. 12tb of standard definition video data. Of course it only comes iwth 4 x 500gb drives but I bet it's upgradeable. Plextor wouldn't be that stupid to design a box w/o being able to upgrade the drives to at least 3tb each.
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New Member
Posted on: 22 Apr 11 16:11
Blimey, looks the biz to me, just what I need. Now where's that dosh? Beecee
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MyCE Senior Member
Posted on: 30 May 11 23:53
Still glad I went with Synology for my NAS. LOVE IT!
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Mr. Belvedere
MyCE Resident
Posted on: 17 Jun 11 08:33
Unfortunately, the setup does not allow auto rebuilding of the RAID array should a single drive requires to be replaced.
Hmm.. that's unfortunate indeed.
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