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Raxco PerfectDisk Pro Version 12.5 Review

Posted 12 March 2013 17:25 CET by Jeremy Reynolds



Review: Raxco PerfectDisk Pro Version 12.5 Reviewed by: Jeremy Reynolds Provided by: Raxco Version: 12.5



At the outset, I should declare that I have personally licensed earlier versions of PerfectDisk (Versions 10.0 and then 11.0). To be frank, I’ve not paid any attention to it in the last few years – I’ve just let it chug away in the background looking after my big ‘spinning’ Hard Disk Drives.

With a quick glance it is obvious that PerfectDisk has evolved significantly since I last looked at it.

PerfectDisk still has the primary objective of keeping drives in an optimal performance state by reducing the level of fragmentation of files and free space and thus a key question that comes straight into my mind is – How does it compare to the defragmentation facility that comes packaged with Windows?

The other key questions that occur to me are – is the new preventative ‘Optiwrite’ functionality, that stops fragmentation from happening in the first place, effective? And, is the new ‘SSD Optimise’ functionality effective?

I have endeavoured to find some indicative answers to these questions in my testing.


Raxco company information

Raxco has been around for a long time now and PerfectDisk has been a market leading product for many years.

More information can be found on their website.


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