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Silicon Power Blaze B30 32GB USB3 Flash drive review


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Article posted 26 Mar 14 18:58


Review: Silicon Power Blaze B30 32GB
Reviewed by: Antonis Sapanidis
Provided by: Silicon Power
Manufactured: in Taiwan

Back in November 2013 Silicon Power released a new USB3 flash drive, the Blaze B30. You can say that from the look of it so far, that it’s one of the most elegant flash drives that Silicon Power has to offer when it comes to USB3 flash drives. I’ve been fortunate to test several of their drives, the Marvel M60 and the Blaze B055, and they all have very good performance. So before we take a look at the Blaze B30 you might want to visit their webpage and find out more about Silicon power.

The Silicon Power Blaze B30 is available only in black, it features a 3600 swivel mechanism, and can be found in various sizes, ranging from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, to 128GB. So moving forward, let’s see the packagingand take a closer look at the flash drive itself.

A quick look at the Silicon Power B30 and its specifications

The Silicon Power Blaze B30 is packaged identically to the previous USB Flash drives that I tested from Silicon Power, as you can see from the picture. The only differences you notice are the text and more importantly the more elegant look that the flash drive has. You can see that the review drive is a black drive with a size of 32GB and has a swivelling mechanism that can be rotated through 360 degrees.

The front side.

Here is the rear.



The top of the Silicon Power B30.

and also the rear of the Silicon Power B30

The front and the rear of the Blaze B30.



Let’s take a look at the specifications of the Silicon Power Blaze B30 as they appear on the official website.



As we can see, Silicon Power is only providing us with the very basic information about the Blaze B30, so this will be a journey into the unknown.  I am also providing you a link to the official site, in case Silicon Power changes anything in the specifications, so here is the link.


Now let’s start our tests with the FAT32 file-system…

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