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Silicon Power Jewel J06 64GB review

Posted 18 August 2014 11:38 CET by Antonis Sapanidis

Review: Silicon Power Jewel J06 64GB Reviewed by: Antonis Sapanidis Provided by: Silicon Power Manufactured: in Taiwan

We all know that technology moves forward at such a rate that it's probably too hard to keep track of. One part of this evolution is USB3, and I have seen USB3 flash drives that range from simply fast, to drives that are close to SSD performance. But what happens when you need speed, capacity, and all this in a small form factor?

Well Silicon Power offers the Jewel J06. It's very small, can be easily hidden behind your TV, and not to take to much space when you have plugged it in your CAR stereo for example. You will find the Jewel J06 in different capacities, starting from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, to 64GB, and Silicon Power was very kind to provide me with the 64GB J06 for a full review.

Before I start this review you might want to take a look at their webpage and find out more about Silicon power and their products.

A quick look at the Silicon Power Jewel J06 and its specifications

The Silicon Power Jewel J06 has a slightly different design, compared to the previous drives that I have tested, although you will get all the basic information that you need about the SP J06 on the front and the back of the package. Let's take a closer look at the front of the Silicon Power Jewel J06.

The front side.

Here is the rear.

The top of the Silicon Power Jewel J06,

and also the rear of the Silicon Power Jewel J06.

The SP J06 without the plastic cover.

A picture to show the difference in the size from previous drives..



Let's take a look at the specifications of the Silicon Power Jewel J06 64GB as they appear on the official website.


Again we see that Silicon Power gives all the information that we need, but we still don't have any info on the speed of the drive. We will see this in the next page of this review though when I start testing the SP J06.

Now let's start our tests with the FAT32 file-system... settings

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