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Transcend StoreJet 25M3 and 25D3 USB3 HDD review


Wendy Robertson
Senior Administrator and Reviewer
Article posted 08 Sep 10 12:36

Features, specifications, and supplied software


Features and specifications

Now let’s take a look at the special features and specifications of the Transcend StoreJet 25M3 and 25D3.

StoreJet 25M3

StoreJet 25D3

Supplied software

StoreJet Elite backup software was supplied on each of our review samples. It’s a simple matter of installing the software onto the host PC in order to use StoreJet Elite.

We will now take a very brief look at the StoreJet Elite backup utility.

On first starting the StoreJet Elite software, we are able to select the package to start as soon as we boot the PC, and we can also enable the “one touch feature” for drives that support the “one touch backup button”, such as the StoreJet 25M3.

The main StoreJet Elite options menu

The data backup and sync options

Email backup options

The StoreJet Elite backup software allows you to create a backup of your internet favourites folder.

The encryption options, allowing backups to made secure.

The “sync all” feature allows you to selectively change what you wish to backup, and from this screen you may also setup a backup schedule.

We only very briefly tested StoreJet Elite.

The one touch backup worked flawlessly with the StoreJet 25M3, and the “sync all” feature worked equally well on both drives, with no problems to report

Now let’s head to the next page where we will recap on USB3…..


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