Try The Best Apps to Track Wifi Usage

While some people are blessed with an unlimited data plan on their mobile phones and tablets, there are still individuals and households who unfortunately do not have access to these types of services. For most, a WiFi plan can limit the data you use every month or every billing cycling.

Though it may be tempting to go beyond these limits, the dough you’ll have to spend is enough to deter most people. Because of this, using a reliable app to track WiFi usage may be your best bet. Apart from monitoring usage on your smartphone, it also alerts you about how much allocation you have left on hand.

Interested in getting the most of your WiFi services without going overboard? Below are the best apps to help you track WiFi usage. Take a look below.

Try The Best Apps to Track Wifi Usage

Apps to Track WiFi Usage


iOS users, rejoice. DataMan is a dedicated app that not only tracks and reports usage on mobile data use, but also on WiFi network consumption all in real-time. It takes pride in its smart forecast feature that allows you to stay within your limits at all times.

With a special widget for Apple-powered devices, you’ll be glad to know that DataMan will instantly let you know your usage and WiFi allocation at a glance. All you need is to unlock your device to view this widget.

The app is valued at 99 cents. You may also upgrade to its premium version, allowing you to get more functionality as you go along.

My Data Manager

Available for download on both Android and Apple devices, My Data Manager stands out from the competition with its ad-free features and its extensive tracking tools. Apart from keeping tabs on WiFi, this app is also capable of tracking data used for mobile data usage and roaming.

With its user-friendly interface, My Data Manager is designed for a fuss-free experience. Here, individuals can easily input their WiFi usage or data limit, as well as their respective billing or renewal periods and they’re good to go.

The app tracker tab provides insights on the list of programs on your device that are running on the background and consuming WiFi. By doing this, My Data Manager allows you to alter your use accordingly. You can also set alarms if you have already reached a certain level or limit.

Data Usage

Last but certainly not the least is Data Usage. Initially only made available for iOS users, Data Usage provides real-time mobile data and WiFi consumption alerts. Plus, it comes with an effective tracking system that seamlessly matches your billing cycles.

As with the two previous apps, this program allows users to set alerts and notifications when they have already reached a certain limit. It also helps you curb your use through its daily quota feature.

Data Usage is free for download in the Google Play Store. However, it is valued at 99 cents in the App Store. There is also a Pro version for a slightly higher price.

Try The Best Apps to Track Wifi Usage

The Bottom Line

If you’re on the look-out for an app to help you curb your WiFi usage or simply to help you track your daily WiFi consumption, make sure to check out the programs mentioned above. In no time, you can help yourself stay within the limit and avoid costly mistakes.