Discover the Best Cooking Apps

Nowadays, we can do anything on our smartphones. Besides games, chatting, and social media, we can also use our mobiles to get ideas for tasty meals.

The best cooking apps out there help us cook and find recipes from Mexican, Italian, Spanish cuisines, and many others. You can find any recipes that match your preferences.

There are free apps for either Android or iOS, which we can easily use to make a surprising meal for our beloved ones. Keep reading to find the best five cooking apps that are available on the current market.

Discover the Best Cooking Apps

BBC Good Food

BBC is renowned for its news channel and the online news site. However, as many may not know already, BBC Good Food is one of the best cooking apps out there. It brings more than 10,000 recipes for tasting meals. This application allows users to submit recipes, but it also provides recipes from the world’s most famous chefs.

The app also permits users to create accounts and save and rate recipes. Also, they can easily watch guides to know precisely what to do when in the kitchen. The app is free to use.

Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is an exciting collection of meals with over 140 recipes for veggies and 120 gluten-free ones. The food presented in this application looks tasty and pleases the users. From almost anything from butternut squash and gazpacho to lentil Bolognese casserole, all the recipes in Oh She Glows are excellent.

The app comes with a user-friendly interface, although the images and features in the recipes might be confusing sometimes since they are mostly presentation images. Each article in the app comes with a short description, tips, instructions, and other details. 

Users can also mark recipes as favorites and check out later. Also, filters such as allergy information, dish type, season, and so on are available.

The app will cost $2. Another in-app purchase is available, and it is called a “Bundle.” Each Bundle of the app includes a variety of themed recipes, and there is a holiday one for free.

Forks Over Knives 

For most people, Forks Over Knives is the documentary movie that focused on switching to a plant-based diet that might even tackle chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Like the movie, the Forks Over Knives app centers on the vegan diet. At the moment of this writing, the application totals 400 recipes from over 50 famous chefs.

It’s one of the best cooking apps in the world, even though it costs $5. The app promises that the recipes included in it will reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart conditions. However, the benefits of a 100 percent plant-based diet have no scientific background, according to experts.

But all the recipes in this app are healthy and might attract people who want to change something in their diets. A vegan diet is useful to lose weight and detox the body. The app purchase is a one-time charge, which is $5.


Also, one of the best cooking apps out there, Tasty, as a name, is popular in the online world. Maybe you have seen one of their posts on social media or even watched a video on YouTube. The Tasty app gathered the recipes in one place, and it’s available on Android and iOS.

With step-by-step instructions, Tasty offers the perfect environment for those who want to cook something to stun their beloved ones. You can select your preferred recipes, whether you are a vegan or a meat-eater, and choose if the app will send you daily recommendations.

Tasty has a partnership with Walmart Grocery Pickup. You can order groceries, ingredients, and so on the right from the application. That’s one reason why Tasty is among the best cooking apps. The app is free

Food Network Kitchen

Food Network is a popular TV channel focused on cooking. The Food Network Kitchen app brings you all those TV chefs to your device. With more than 70,000 recipes, this application is a complete one since it shows meals from any part of the world. Besides recipes, the app gives users access to videos and photos of the famous chefs from the Food Network.

Users can quickly create and edit shopping lists in the app and order them. Nutritional details, equipment requirements, and other details are presented with every recipe in the application. As for the videos and photos, people can filter by category or airing date and time. 

All these features make Food Network Kitchen one of the best cooking apps in the world. The app is also free.

Discover the Best Cooking Apps


These days it’s quite easy to learn how to cook. We have millions of blog posts, videos, and even apps to help up. The best cooking apps presented above are ideal for everyone, no matter their experience in the kitchen. Give them a try, and you will most likely surprise your family with your meals.