How to Download Brainscape – The Best Spanish Learning App

So, you want to learn Spanish, but you do not know where to begin and how to go about it?

According to the people who know, the best way to go is with the easy mobile apps that are available.

In this post, we take a closer look at the Brainscape smart flashcards Spanish language learning mobile app. So, let’s investigate why this type of language learning is the way to go without further delay.

How to Download Brainscape - The Best Spanish Learning App

FEATURES of Brainscape Language Learning App

You get a carefully adjusted learning system that builds on the previous concepts that will guide you through the learning stages. These stages include the absolute beginner phase, and it will take you through to the advanced conversational stage at your pace.

Included with this language learning app from Brainscape, you get up to four years of high-school Spanish lessons and classes. Also included are more than 10 000 audio flashcards that cover the most common Spanish words and phrases as well as sentence constructions.

This language learning app is very adaptive and comes with a spaced-out repetition system, also known as the intelligent exposure system. There are simple clarifications and explanations for most of the key grammatical concepts and verb conjugations of the Spanish language.

To keep track of your progress in the language learning process, you also get ongoing feedback as well as visualization tools included. And on top of all that, you have a vast network of fellow students who will help and support each other’s learning progress daily.

You can easily rate how well you know the language, and Brainscape will then determine when to quiz you at the right time. With this app, you can find or create and then share your smart flashcards on any device you might be using.

You can keep all your content coordinated and in sync on the Brainscape website and all your iOS devices.

Who Is It Suited To

This Spanish language learning app from Brainscape is the ideal tool for the teacher as well as the learner of the Spanish language. It is also great for people that do not have the time for classes and learn new things on the go.

If you have a problem learning languages, this is the perfect way to learn the Spanish language and have fun at the same time. You can find the different levels of Spanish language learning at this website of Brainscape and more information.


You can start out with this language learning app for free to give you a head start and get you going with the basics. But to get to the more advanced features of this mobile app, you can purchase additional features.

These extra features to improve your learning can be purchased from the developer through the app. The different features can be purchased for as little as $4.99, and others are available for only $19.99.

How To Download It

It is quite easy to get hold of this app currently only available for the iOS platform mobile devices. The app can be downloaded from the App Store for free and installed on your mobile device.

In the app store, you can also explore and find the additional features that are available for this language learning app. Or you can just download it and set it up on your mobile device for now and get the extra features through the app.

How To Use It

To use this app will need some getting used to, but as soon as you have mastered it, you will have no problem using it. The user interface is easy to use, and everything you need to learn the language easily.

For a quick tutorial, see the following YouTube video on how to use the Brainscape Spanish Language learning mobile app.

How to Download Brainscape - The Best Spanish Learning App


Now you know more about this great and very advanced Spanish language learning mobile app from Brainscape. So it is time to put the app to the test, and that is to get it for you and start learning.

This is going to be informative as well as a fun way to learn the Spanish language easily and quickly in a way that works best for you.