How to Get Coins in Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is a sim game, available only on mobile devices (Android, iOS). This game is explicitly about sports management, such as forming a competitive team, choosing the best tactics to win, and so on.

Every manager’s dream is to win everything that can be won, and Dream League Soccer comes with an interactive 4 league system, where the strongest is the “Elite Division”. To be in the Elite, you need coins.

We can teach you how to get there. All you need to do is read on!

How to Get Coins in Dream League Soccer

About Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer does not use real names of footballers or teams. There are no internal competitions, but everything takes place in the format of 4 leagues and can be promoted or relegated, just like in real football.

In a team, you can coordinate a maximum of 32 players, make transfers, have friendly matches, or even play in competitions, the most famous being the Global Challenge Cup. The game comes with outstanding graphics, and among other things, you can even modernize your own stadium.

As for the captain of your team, you can choose between one you created or select one already in the team. It would be best to create a captain yourself because they will come with an overall rating of 80 and additional power over the player’s customization.

How To Get Those Free Coins, The Easy Way

The first thing you can do is simple: connect your game to your Twitter or Facebook account, and each of the connections will bring you 10 coins. The next thing that can bring you coins is viewing the ads, each of which will bring you 30 coins.

Even if you get bored, it will help you accumulate coins that will be very helpful in future transfers or promotions to a higher league. The ads run about every 2 hours, and it is recommended not to miss any.

How To Get Those Free Coins, The Hard Way

I called it the “hard way”, but we think it’s a nice way to earn coins because it is about running the objective game and reaching the predetermined objectives. Before the match, you will receive three objectives (for example: score in the first half or to receive a limited number of goals), and you will have other objectives throughout the season, and reaching any of them will bring you coins.

After winning a match played in your league, you will receive 20 coins, but the number may increase depending on the quality of the stadium and the league you belong to. Also, participating in various tournaments will bring you extra coins, even if you do not receive points in the league you belong to.

How To Make It To The Next Division

Remember that this game does not simulate the normal system of current football, so they will not promote 2 or 3 teams in the superior league, but only the winner of that league. If you are not in last place, in which case you will be relegated, you will play next season in the same league.

Scrimmage games or tournaments will not count for points in the season. This means that you have to focus 100% on the championship matches because you will advance only by finishing the season in the first place.

Save Your Coins To Buy Better Players

When it comes to transfers, it’s just like in real football. The transfer market offers quality or less exciting players. For this reason, you have to save your coins to transfer good players, if you want to create a strong team.

It is not excluded that a superstar will come out of a mediocre player, but do not rely on that. The best tactic is to invest in quality players if you want fast results.

Multiplayer Mode

Interestingly, you can play against real players from all over the world. The sad part is that multiplayer play will not bring you coins, but will only be an exchange of experience and a way to improve your skills.

How to Get Coins in Dream League Soccer


All in all, Dream League Soccer simulates real football in many ways. Make sure you follow our tips to get lots of coins and have fun!