Discover the Best Apps to Personalize an iPhone

In a day and age where we cannot live without mobile phones, it’s important to customize them according to your needs. People in modern times have introduced a host of excellent applications that enhance the look and performance of your phone.

Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, and the entire world has fallen in love with it because of its unique user interface and exceptional services. The iPhone runs on its self-designed iOS technology, which is more appealing than Android phones to many.

Applications on mobile phones are software programs produced to better your phone experience. These apps can personalize every aspect of your iPhone and give you more features to choose from. Read on to learn about these apps that will personalize your phone.

Discover the Best Apps to Personalize an iPhone

FexyHome – Style Your Home Screen

You’ll find tons of apps that can customize your home screen, but FexyHome offers you a way to customize your home screen differently than others. They offer custom screen layouts that amplify the look of your iPhone.

FexyHome offers you an awful lot of power on your iPhone. It also offers some amazing pre-made themes that can optimize your iPhone experience and give you a different perspective.

The app offers several ready-made themes that you can select and use to change the interface of the iPhone instantly. This app is free to download through the iPhone App store and also has in-app purchases.

Ringtones for iPhone

Sounds play a very important and essential role in our life. The Ringtone app provides you with the most appropriate tunes and features you’ll need for your iPhone. You can turn any song from your iTunes into a ringtone.

You can find different sound effects, classic and trendy ringtones, and a tune for every occasion that suits your needs in the Ringtones for iPhone app. You also have the option to record your voice or your friend’s voice and set it as your ringtone. 

You’re able to create unlimited ringtones by browsing through a wide list of songs from your playlists, such as Hip-Hop, Electronic, Romantic, Funky, Rock, and even Ambient songs. 

Select the music that perfectly suits you and makes your iPhone stand out from the rest. This app is free to download from the Apple App store on your iPhone. 

Magic Screen

Discover the Best Apps to Personalize an iPhone

Magic Screen is an app that adds charm to your home screen. They provide the most exciting wallpapers for your iPhone. You can select wallpapers that you love and apply various effects like customized texts and additional photos.

You can even draw shapes and designs that you like using your finger and create something magical and soothing. Besides the obvious, you have stickers, text effects, and multiple calendar themes to add as widgets that are widely customizable as you please. 

Magic Screen has unique combinations of wallpapers and effects that are specially tailored for your iPhone’s home screen. It has 35 creative magic effects, 130+ fonts to choose from, and an easy guided user interface for its users. 

You can access the app and its features by downloading it from the App Store on your iPhone, and it is free to download.


iPhones are incredible smartphones that have lots of capabilities, and they are beautifully designed. However, you may wish to add your own unique vision to how you want your iPhone to be. 

All the above-mentioned apps have amazing features to offer that you can use to embellish your iPhone. Be sure to check them out for a better and improved user interface and look for your phone!