Discover the Most Followed Accounts on Twitter

When it comes to finding the best social networking platforms on the globe, Twitter is always up there. As per Statista, Twitter has 386 million users worldwide. 

Twitter is a social networking site that expedites the spread of information via messages, known as “tweets”. Twitter’s user-base is distinct and unique, and it continues to grow.

Read on to learn more about Twitter, and some of the most followed accounts that are on the platform.

Discover the Most Followed Accounts on Twitter

Top Followed Accounts on Twitter

Barack Obama (@BarackObama) | Followers: 120 Million

Being a president is not the only reason why President Obama has such a colossal following. It is also because of his personality, intellect, and empathic attitude that has helped solidify his place in the hearts of the people. 

Believe it or not, being the most followed person on Twitter does bring a sense of responsibility on the account holder’s shoulders. But, if one person can stand at par with this kind of responsibility and send a suitable message, it’s President Obama.

Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) | Followers: 112 Million

Ever since his song “Baby” hit the charts, Justin Bieber has been a household name. Starting in 2010, Bieber was a child pop star. Over the years, he has gone through some disturbing times in his life, but he has maintained his success. 

Justin seldom takes to Twitter and mostly just keeps quiet on the platform. But, he does address some of the core issues that he believes needs to be shared with his following. Brandwatch posited Justin Bieber as the 7th Most Influential Man on Twitter in 2019. 

Katy Perry (@katyperry) | Followers: 108.3 Million

Katy Perry is one of the most amazing and biggest music sensations of our century. Katy Perry’s cheerful smile and pop talent has made her famous. From singing in churches to entertaining audiences of millions, Katy Perry is a major star.

Her Twitter account is decorated with various types of tweets. From personal feelings to promotional content and interactive posts, Katy Perry always aces the social game too. 

Rihanna (@rihanna) | Followers: 97.1 Million

Rihanna is an appealing combination of talent and beauty. She is a great singer and a successful entrepreneur, too. So, you could well imagine the kind of posts she would make. They are filled with promotional content, posts for social causes, and some personal messages. 

The megastar is an avid businesswoman who has developed her own beauty product business, Fenty. Her personality is seen in her tweets, and the originality of the content is something that appeals to the audience. 

Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) | Followers: 86.5 Million

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous pop/country stars who has taken the music world by storm with her looks and voice. Her unique blend of country and pop genres causes her fan-base to expand even more than other famous musicians who only claim one genre.

If that’s not enough, Ms. Swift is also one of the most influential people on Twitter, according to Brandwatch. Last but not least, Taylor Swift has the most loyal Twitter fans. This is because her last tweet was posted on 23rd August 2019, and her timeline has been silent since. Despite this, she hasn’t lost many followers. Impressive, right?

Discover the Most Followed Accounts on Twitter
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Twitter remains one of the most popular global social media platforms today. Combining news, opinions, and media, it creates a world in which already-famous people can gain an even bigger following. 

These were just some of the most-followed accounts on Twitter. It seems the common denominator for these users is their position as celebrities in the public eye.