FIFA 20 MOBILE – How to Get Free Gold

FIFA Mobile, as the name says, is the mobile version of the famous soccer game created and developed by EA Sports, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. The first release for the mobile game took place in 2016, and it has since been an excellent game, attracting millions of players.

The coins in FIFA Mobile are the in-game currency. They can be used to buy packs that help you enhance your team and players. 

Winning coins in FIFA is not tricky, but earning them fast is another thing because you need to know some tips to achieve that. In this article, we will show you some straightforward methods to earn more FIFA Mobile coins.

FIFA 20 MOBILE - How to Get Free Gold

What are Coins Used for?

FIFA coins are the in-game currency used in FIFA Mobile and FIFA Ultimate Team. Players can use coins to purchase packs from the Store section, cards in the Market, FUT entries, and other in-game stuff.

Daily Login Rewards

Usually, for nowadays mobile games, loyal players are rewarded with different things just for logging in. Daily login rewards are also available in FIFA Mobile. There are rotational-based awards. For instance, for the first day login, players can get 15,000 coins. On the sixth day login, the game will offer players 25,000 coins.

Therefore, don’t forget to log in to FIFA Mobile daily to receive your rewards, including free coins.

Complete the Quests

Another simple method to earn coins in FIFA Mobile is to complete the Daily Quests. Usually, these tasks give you some free coins, but other rewards are also available. Access the Daily Quests section in FIFA Mobile to see which ones are available to you. If you want, you can only complete those that provide free coins.

Play VS Attack Matches

FIFA Mobile comes with a mode named as VS Attack. These ranked matches come with rewards, including free coins. The best part of this mode is that even the losing players will get some awards.

VS Attack mode comes with Bronze, Silver, and Gold packs that include many rewards, including free coins.

Play Daily Warm-up Games

From time to time, Daily Warm-up event matches give you some rewards, including coins. Access the Events section in FIFA Mobile to see any available Daily Warm-up matches that provide free coins.

Open Free Packs

Once every four hours, the Store in FIFA Mobile generates one free pack. Be sure to get it in time to receive free coins. Besides, other rewards are also available.

Trade Items in the Market

To get more coins in FIFA Mobile, you can simply trade items and players in the Market section of the game. The best way to do that is to buy cheap players and items and sell them later for more coins.

Exchange FIFA Points for Coins

You can also get some coins by just exchanging FIFA Points into coins. To do it, go to Store > Coins. It is not the best method to earn the in-game currency, but if you need some coins fast, you can give it a try, of course.

Buying and Selling FIFA Coins with Real Money

EA Sports considers buying and selling of FIFA Mobile coins illegal. Accordingly, we do not recommend this method at all. If the devs observe an illicit transaction of this kind on your account, you might be banned forever.

FIFA Mobile Gems

Gems are also an in-game currency in FIFA Mobile. You can use them to purchase packs, items, players, and more in the game, from the Store and Market sections.

These are the methods to earn free coins in FIFA Mobile: play VS Attack matches, accomplish Daily Quests, get Daily Login reward, or trade FIFA Points for coins.

FIFA Mobile Tips and Tricks

To be victorious, you should set up your team. You have to focus on your starting 11 because that’s the core of your team. Those players would be on the pitch from the start of the match, so having a well-balanced team is essential.

Ideally, you should buy players for every position in the field, depending on the formations that you prefer to use.

Center backs and strikers are the most important assets in FIFA Mobile (and in real soccer, in general). CBs represent the defense of your team, while forwarders are essential to score goals. High-quality CBs and strikers will help you win matches.

Also, focus on the other positions in your team. Midfielders and wings are also essential to support the strikers.

FIFA 20 MOBILE - How to Get Free Gold


In conclusion, FIFA Mobile is an excellent soccer game for smartphones and tablets. You can earn free coins in the game by following the methods presented above. 

Keep playing the game daily, and you will earn a lot of coins that you can use to buy in-game items and players.