How to Get BP in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is everything about Battle Points (BP). They are the main currency of the game, along with diamonds, tickets, fragments, and others.

Battle points are used to get numerous game assets, including heroes, the key aspect of the game. This is why getting BP is crucial in Mobile Legends!

Since you can buy so many things with Battle Points, it is vital to know how to get more of them. Read on to find everything about farming BP in Mobile Legends!

How to Get BP in Mobile Legends

Open Free Chests

One main method to get more BP in Mobile Legends is also very easy and quick. Free chests cannot be missed – they are available every four hours, and they also accumulate twice. It is crucial to understand that Free Chests do not only contain BP, but also other important assets. For instance, you can earn fragments, emblems, and magic dust.

Unlock the Medal Chest

Next to the important free chest, we have the medal chest. This chest can only be accessed by taking part in the matches. The more you participate and win, the quicker you can unlock medal chests. They are available every 12 hours.

Similar to the free chests, you should know that medal chests contain other important assets. Similarly, they also contain magic dust, emblems, and fragments, and they offer higher rewards than free chests.

Claim Daily Rewards

Another quick, free way of getting BP in Mobile Legends is to claim daily rewards. In fact, these are a treasure trove when it comes to BP. Each day, you need to complete the daily tasks and get lots of BP for your effect.

You can get BP solving daily rewards up to 4 times. There are four levels to do so, known as tiers. For the first one, you get 30 BP, the next one gives you 40 BP, while the third tier offers 60 BP. Finally, the fourth tier offers a maximum of 100 BP.

In addition to this, you can also access the Weekly Activity Score, which offers you two chests. There are numerous rewards, including BP, but only after you reach 400 and 800 Weekly Activity Scores.

Maintain a High Credit Score

If you wonder how to access your credit score, you can do so by tapping on your avatar, located in the leftmost upper side. This credit score mirrors your gaming activity during the past week.

If you manage to get a score of 90 and above for the past week, you will get BP via mail and benefit from a higher Battlefield Reward Limit. More specifically, you can earn 7,500 Battle Points for keeping your credit score 90 or higher.

Always Check Your Mail

If you do not check your email frequently, you might miss lots of BP! You do not only receive updates, news, player reports, and announcements, but you will also receive gifts and rewards from the developers. Some of the reasons you receive these gifts include maintenance news, updates, game remunerations, high credit score gratitude, and season rewards.

Explore the Events Hall

The Events Hall is a real gem in Mobile Legends. It contains numerous special tasks, various events, and is extremely dynamic each week, so it must be checked out as often as possible. Some tasks might ask you to play games with friends, answer quizzes about the game, and many more.

Some events might include prizes or games that will earn you special items, exchanging them for BP cards, or even Battle points.

Play Mobile Legends as Much as You Can

Lastly, if you want to earn more BP, you need to play more. Each game mode offers you a specific number of BP. If you have a good credit score, you can gain up to 7,500 BP per week while playing games.

How to Get BP in Mobile Legends


All in all, there are numerous ways of getting BP in Mobile Legends. However, being active and actually playing the game might be the main way of acquiring more Battle Points and assets.

There is still a limit to the maximum number of BP, so the game is not exhausting its players. Get to your Mobile Legends and start collecting as many BP as you can!